Newly revamped Spice Brasserie @ Kitchener Road

Famous for its Asian-style buffet spreads, Spice Brasserie has unveiled a fresh new look alongside an exciting dining concept that embraces the best of Asian street food with innovative surprises. Robert Chan, Executive Chef of PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road and his team focuses on quality ingredients, authentic flavours and creating dishes from scratch. The chefs behind these delectable dishes comes from a myriad of countries; namely Malaysia, South Korea, India,Taiwan, and o

Artichoke, Middle Road

Hidden from the main street of Middle Road is Artichoke, proudly the least authentic Middle Eastern restaurant in town. It’s absolutely eccentric — from the huge Step Brothers movie poster on one corner to the mishmash of stickers and artwork adorning the walls, it makes you feel like you’re in your cool friend’s room, the cool friend being Chef Bjorn Chen. Chef Bjorn is probably the coolest chef you’ll ever meet — his honest, zany out-there personality rubs on you. After a w