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A Malaysian's Unbiased Opinion Towards Singapore Food...

The perennial debate over whether Malaysia or Singapore has better food is something that need not exist, in my opinion. Having lived in both countries and tasted food from every level, it is hard to say either country is better in anyway. Just like everything out there, both have its strengths. While I personally believe Malaysia probably fares slightly better for hawker food in general, I believe Singapore easily overtakes Malaysia for specialty dishes chili crabs and chick

Roast Paradise, Old Airport Rd Food Centre

It isn't often you find young hawkers. The trade has seen a sad decline due to the aging population. Without much of the younger generation to take the places of older, tired hawkers, the hawker food trade is at serious risk of being lost to foreign talent and also diminishing quality. But hawker food is so deeply ingrained in the Singapore culture that it would be a waste to see it die off. This is something that Randall and Kai, who run the Roast Paradise hawker stall at th

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