Review: Ante (new brunch menu)

When people ask me which restaurant I like to frequent the most I tend to reply, "Ante". Since its opening three years ago, Ante has changed its menu many times and each time, for the better. And as someone who has seen the menu grow into what it is today, I can only applaud the genius behind the increasingly creative menu. Though most of its dishes now differ from the maiden menu, they have kept the best sellers like the carbonara (but still continuously improving the dish i

The Meat & Wine Co., Publika: Grand Opening

I was invited to the grand opening of The Meat & Wine Co. recently. Thank you for such a great night, Nadine and Devan! I decided to bring the bestie, who's also a journalist. So, us foodie-journos enjoyed a night of wining and dining which proved to be much-needed. Check out the hipster chic interior of the restaurant! Bruschetta duo (RM9) pictured above and below. The bruschetta comes with both the mushroom and diced tomato options. Chicken yakitori - flame grilled chicken

Review: The Social, Publika

I've heard people call this place "The Social 88". I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm pretty sure the two "8"s are in fact, a butterfly... Like "The Social Butterfly". That makes more sense than 88... Either way, I don't have much to say about this place other than the food is rather average (especially because of its exorbitant prices). Most of the food came tasteless but props to the chefs for presentation, I suppose. It was a big group dinner so we tried all the sh

Review: Ante Kitchen & Bar

Ante at Publika has been my favourite restaurant for about two years now. I have seen their menu changed many times now and even their chefs. But each time, the food gets better, something uncommon with many F&B places. One of my favourites from the latest menu is the cha siu curry cream pasta as pictures below. It's the epitome of East meets West. Another dish I always enjoy at Ante is their signature pork steak. They've recently changed the sauce to a gravy as shown below.

Urbano e Fresco, Publika

Walked past this restaurant many times but somehow never made it in. After a Valentine's spa date at Hammam, we found our way to Urbano e Fresco. We had watched The Trip to Italy (2014) the night before and it sparked off a craving for authentic Italian food. Pictured above is the spaghetti bolognese at Urbano e Fresco. Taste-wise, it was as authentic as it gets in Malaysia. But I was rather disappointed that the pasta wasn't freshly made. We also had a plate of penne carbona