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GinRikSha, Bukit Damansara

Since our first visit to GinRikSha, the place has undergone some light adjustments - to its decor and the food menu! We love the new colourful bicycle wheels, it certainly brightens up the ceilings and matches beautifully with the cheerful walls. The latest addition to the dining area is these three large mirrors too, completing the decor of this casual dining establishment. Since its opening, GinRikSha had only been open for dinner but they are now open for lunch too! This t

GinRikSha: the cocktail menu

GinRikSha has wowed us with their food but did you know that they also serve cocktails? The cocktails here are pretty reasonably priced - much more so than places like Omakase + Appreciate and Skullduggery. Of course, this isn't some "speakeasy" but ultimately, I have yet to try any cocktails in Malaysia that have really blown me away. Singapore's a different story. So if you're in the neighbourhood and you're looking for a place with good food and decently priced drinks, thi

Huckleberry After Dark, Damansara Heights

If you have ever been to Huckleberry in Damansara Heights, you would know that many people frequent the cafe in the mornings for a pick-me-up latte or their perfect French pastries (possibly the best you can find in Malaysia, because it is professionally prepared by French baker Christophe). The freshly baked bread commands queues and in the beginning, when Huckleberry had first opened, it was a hotspot for locals to head to for brunch. They were only opened till about 6PM in

Bandits, Bukit Damansara

My first visit to Bandits was when it first opened its doors a couple of years back (I can't recall exactly when...) and it was apparently under a different management (or so I am told). So, when KL Food Hunter's Daniel Ang invited me to try the new Bandits menu with him one weekday afternoon, I was eager to see what it had to offer. The first visit I had there left me rather disappointed but this time, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the new management had introduced

Raisin' the Roof, Bukit Damansara

Vegetarian or vegan food is always off-putting to huge carnivorous eaters (like a certain co-founder of this website). But personally, I believe if it's done well, any cuisine can taste good. And Raisin' the Roof's tag line: "making nutritious delicious", cannot be more accurate. They take the simplest and freshest ingredients and turn it into a delicious combination, perfect for a healthy lunch. They've also got plenty of healthy take away snacks. My first experience with Ra

Huckleberry, Bukit Damansara

It is not often that I can claim I've found a gem in food places. But after a hearty, healthy meal at Huckleberry tonight, I can indeed declare that I have found a rare gem of a place in this newly opened bakery/cafe. Not only is everything either homemade or artisanal or organic and fresh, it is also reasonably affordable considering its location. Tucked away in a corner of Bukit Damansara (near Mollydookers) is what I anticipate to be KL's next (die die) must-visit cafes. Y

Review: Bandits Coffee Bar, Bukit Damansara

It is yet another new cafe in my neighbourhood which is refreshing after seeing the same old places year after year. However, Bandits Coffee Bar might be a little hard to spot since there is no signage to indicate its exact location. Perhaps it is a play on their name? But since I am rather familiar to the area, it wasn't too hard to find. Parking, on the other hand, can be quite a pain. Best not to park by the roadside on weekdays as police often patrol the area to freely ha

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