Hello Kitty x Creme De La Creme

If you’re familiar with Creme De La Creme, you would know that the dessert place at Damansara Uptown is incredibly famous for its innovative desserts in the form of ice cream flavours and petit gateau. This time, they’ve been approached by Sanrio to collaborate - bringing you the cutest combination ever! The first Malaysian brand to have caught the mega brand’s eye, CDLC is proud to present its 45th anniversary celebration with everyone’s favourite Sanrio character - Hello Ki

Curious Kitchen, Persiaran Tropicana

We recently had the privilege of trying out Curious Kitchen. I can’t believe we had not heard of it before the crazy #porknotpork MAS in-flight magazine saga with their wagyu beef. But it’s good that a lot of good publicity happened in the wake of that drama for the restaurant, because we easily had one of the best meals of our lives there. Starting off with a Yee Sang since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, we “lou’d” to the beginning of a delicious and overall sat

Wondermama, 1 Utama

After taking a tour around the world, Mama (of Wondermama) returns with a new menu inspired by all the international flavours while still retaining that familiar local taste. If you haven’t already been to Wondermama, now is a good time to go to try their new menu. Located in the Old Wing of 1 Utama Shopping Centre, the restaurant has a cosy wooden interior with rattan furniture that will remind you of visits back to your kampung where you know some good home cooked food is w

Kampung Contemporary Dining, Petaling Jaya

Nyonya food is hard to come by. Authentic, delicious nyonya food is even more of a rarity. But from the people who brought you Alison Soup House, comes Kampung Contemporary Dining, which hits the nail on the head with its Nyonya offerings. Giving you a very airy, canteen feel, the Kampung Contemporary Dining experience is meant to be homely and casual. Come with friends and family to enjoy a hearty meal or come in a pair to get an introduction to nyonya cuisine. Of course, an

Genki Sushi, Sunway Pyramid

Genki Sushi might look familiar to you. The yellow logo is striking and recognisable a mile away. Those who are veterans in the foodie scene will remember that the brand used to be in Malaysia many years back. Today, it is making its reentrance into the Malaysian food scene bigger, better and bolder! Genki Sushi comes fully equipped with a digital menu (just scan the QR code at your table and it’ll pop up on your phone screen) and an impressive three track Kousoku Express tha

Apple Samgyupsal, Jaya One

Korean BBQ. You try one, you’ve tried it all, right? WRONG. Apple Samgyupsal at Jaya One is unlike its competitors. The new Korean BBQ place offers delicious street food beyond its meaty goodness. What’s so special about Apple Samgyupsal? First, it’s about the premium cuts that this Korean BBQ place offers. Rather than the typical cuts you get, you get more premium, delicious cuts here. Though we weren’t told exactly what these premium cuts were, the flavours in the meat at

Wood & Wheat, Tropicana Avenue

Wood & Wheat at Tropicana Avenue serves wood-fried oven pizzas that you’ll be drawn to just by hearing about the flavours. Now, before you slam fusion pizzas, you ought to give it a taste. Pizzas at Wood & Wheat are interesting because of the very Asianised flavours and ingredients. Though the theme itself might make you feel like you’re in a very Western diner-esque place. Casual dining at its best, the dishes are served in paper cups and wooden blocks. You can find comfort

Malgudi, PJ

Indian food for Christmas? Check out Malguldi for an interesting take this festive season.

Malgudi Restaurant, Petaling Jaya

Malgudi Restaurant is a small gem hidden in the heart of PJ. It is known for its classic Indian Cuisine, influenced by the Northern and Southern Indian heritage. We were greeted by Aruna Sukumar who has taken over ownership of this cosy restaurant. Malgudi Restaurant has a split level dining. The top floor is designed to have tables for big groups of family and friends and a great space for private functions, while the lower floor is great for casual dining in smaller groups.

The Great Beer Bar, Damansara Uptown

If you're keeping up with the craft beer scene in Kuala Lumpur, you've definitely heard about the ever popular Ales & Lagers in Solaris Dutamas that has been a staple for the craft beer community for years. Looking to further expand and solidfy their mark on the craft beer scene, the owners have have launched a new establishment called The Great Beer Bar that is located right in the heart of the ever bustling Damansara Utama area. Hailed as PJ's best craft beer bar, they have

Brasaria, Jaya One

The next time you're looking for a casual dining spot with (semi) clean eats, you might want to Waze yourself to Brasaria. With their roasted charcoal chicken and irresistible aji sauces, you're in for one helluva Peruvian treat. And you get the cutest llama in town greeting you at the front door too! The concept here is simple - it's good, authentic Peruvian food. And no, don't mistake this to be like Nando's! Yes, it may seem similar, but they are worlds apart. Firstly, the

Foret Blanc, Petaling Jaya

Foret Blanc requires little introduction. Since its opening, it has already created plenty of hype for itself. To no surprise either - with its beautifully crafted desserts that match in flavour. Foret Blanc is the type of place you will want to head to for tea with friends on the weekends because of its comfortable atmosphere and wide range of dessert choices. Their desserts are also extremely Instagram-worthy. One of their best selling items is their Berry Mallow Corn (RM24

Crab Factory, SS2

At the risk of oversharing (but you know, us media types, we overshare anyway), on one of my very first dates with someone from my past, he suggested we go to one of these seafood places where you eat with your hands. He claimed that he would still like me despite watching me go full savage on the food. Also, he said it would be rather amusing to watch foodievstheworld get "her" hands dirty. Let's just say that it didn't work out too well. So, since then, I was hesitant to go

Johnnie Walker x Auntie Sim's CNY Special

If it's anything Chinese people love more than the CNY holiday, it's the food (and alcohol) that comes with it. That is why Johnnie Walker has paired up with Auntie Sim's to offer diners the perfect combination of the two. This CNY, Johnnie Walker is introducing a specially selected Lunar New Year set menu paired with its Gold Label Reserve. Going to the event I wasn't quite sure what to expect, I've heard of wine pairings, and more recently, tea pairings, but very rarely, wh

Enorme, PJ Centrestage

Plenty of Western restaurants have been popping up in PJ to keep up with the growing demand of the younger generation. In a neighbourhood that was primarily dominated by the older generation and traditional coffee shop food, new establishments have been setting up to revive the food scene. Enorme at PJ Centrestage is one of those places. Head down here for a chilled out vibe and casual dining. The rest of PJ Centrestage is largely unoccupied for the time being, which makes pa

Woogo Smoothies, Paradigm Mall

With the opening of their third outlet within a month, Woogo Smoothies is the latest addition to the Malaysian juice/smoothie business. And we must say, we were pretty impressed with their flavour offerings! Woogo has outlets in Sunway Pyramid and Wisma Central. But for their recent opening in Paradigm Mall, Woogo invited the team over to sample their range of smoothies and juices. The brand hails from Taiwan and is a play on the Chinese words 五哥 (wu ge), which translates to

Cafe Capricorn, PJ Old Town

I was just driving around PJ old town area one night, aimlessly, not quite sure what I was doing. I’m sure we’ve all had those nights… anyway, I chanced upon this vintage cafe/furniture shop? I decided to pop in and grab a quick dinner and I was hoping to also get some work done. It was already 7:40pm by the time I entered the cafe and I asked if they were still open. They cheerfully said yes but they’d be closing at 8. I asked if it was okay for me to order food and they hap

A'Roma Dinings, Taman Paramount

After visiting Italy twice in the last couple of years, I really fell in love with the country and everything about it. Especially the food. They say the fastest way to a (wo)man's heart is through the stomach and I couldn't agree more. The Taman Paramount area has always had good food and recently years have seen more modern cafes and restaurants popping up. Though the neighbourhood is still primarily inhabited by the older Chinese generation, you'll find flocks of younger p

Hail's Soft Serve, Damansara Uptown

I always say, "There's always room for dessert!". And boy, was I glad I came down to this place. I was craving ice cream one evening and found this place in Damansara Uptown. I walked in and ordered the Nyonya Delight: Melaka Snow (RM14). I picked the pandan flavoured ice cream, which came with sage pearls, coconut snow and topped off with caramalised gula melaka. It was the perfect Malaysian twist to this dessert. I was actually too excited when I got my dessert and finished

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Desserts, One Utama

When I was living in Singapore, I often frequented Hong Kong food places - they were simply everywhere and had pretty great food at affordable prices. Hong Kong Sheng Kee Desserts is a chain from Singapore, a little piece of my second home had come to my first. And the name of the shop is a bit misleading. You'll be getting far more than desserts at this restaurant. In fact, you'll be treated to dimsum breakfast dishes, typical Chinese lunch fare like noodles and rice as well