Celebrate Mother's Day at AquaMarine Marina Mandarin

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I bet everyone's trying to find the perfect place to bring mum out for a dinner or lunch. Why not check out AquaMarine in Marina Mandarin? Check out the buffet spread cooked by the Chefs at AquaMarine, Marina Mandarin, featuring dishes like the Farm Style Roasted Baby Chicken on Chestnut Mushroom Stew, Baked Norwegian Salmon and Scallop Mousse in Puff Pastry and Crayfish tossed in Salted Egg and Cheese! And only during the dinner buff

Peach Blossoms, Marina Mandarin Hotel

Known for being one of the best high-end Chinese restaurants in Singapore, Peach Blossoms will definitely not disappoint, especially if you are looking for good Chinese cuisine. And since Chinese New Year is just around the corner (how time flies by so quickly!), we got to try their Lunar New Year menu for 2017, and it's definitely a winning bet if you are looking for a place for reunion dinner or family gathering this upcoming Chinese New Year. Marina Mandarin Salmon Yu Shen

Aquamarine, Marina Mandarin Hotel

Aquamarine at Marina Mandarin is one of the choice places for those who enjoy buffets but are also looking for a halal-certified place to dine at. It offers the freshest seafood options, it is located at one of the most beautiful hotels in Singapore and there is always plenty of variety as the chefs continue to evolve the menu every few months. It is very well-known for its fresh seafood offerings - where seafood lovers can binge on imported crustaceans and shellfish. But on