New menu @ Komyuniti, Yotel

Welcoming its new head chef, Benny Lim, Komyuniti is introducing a brand spanking new menu that will showcase Chef Benny’s culinary talents. In this new menu, Chef Benny will be bringing to the table his signature brand of fusion cuisine while hoping to impart a sense of joyful wonder to local and international diners alike. He spent the last 14 years perfecting his Western culinary technique while drawing inspiration from a rich background of Asian influences. I’m personally

Drinks at Komyuniti @ YOTEL, Orchard

Komyuniti is a new chic and unique dining experience brought to you by YOTEL. If you’ve been following us closely, you’d know that we were pretty overwhelmed by the sheer amount of food and drinks we were served when we came here to dine. So, we decided to split the food and drinks into two articles. Click here to check out the food. Apart from the amazing food here, Komyuniti has launched its first cocktail programme under its F&B manager As’ad Isnin. We had (much more than)