Kushikatsu Tanaka, Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay’s Kushikatsu Tanaka (串カツ田中) is actually part of a popular Japanese chain of restaurants. It’s most famous for its Osaka-style kushikatsu deep fried cutlet skewers and signature special dipping sauce. What makes Kushikatsu Tanaka stand out is the secret family recipe — a unique blend of oil with beef fats is used to fry their kushikatsu coated in finely ground panko (Japanese style bread crumbs). The panko flour, batter and sauces are sourced from Japan, which mean

Highball, Kampung Bahru

“Highball. A simple cocktail, most commonly made with two ingredients - a spirit and a carbonated mixer, and served in an ice-filled highball glass.” True to its namesake, Highball is a simple bar with a robust base of quality and affordable cocktails, with an effervescent mixer of charm led by head honcho, Kino, and her all-female crew. Talk about girl power right there! I was at Highball to check out bar manager Anne’s entry for the Gin Jubilee -- Who Can’t Be Tamed. A drin