Tree Howf Staycation, Craighead Farm, Dunblane

All you staycationers out there, take note — I’m lucky to have found another spot for glamping in Scotland, and it's possibly my most favourite of all time! The Tree Howf, located in the humble Craighead Farm near Dunblane, Perthshire, is a gorgeous timber house built around the branches of an existing tree. Settled atop a hill on the farm, step inside for a 360º panoramic view of the beautiful Ochil Hills of Stirling. Plus, you'll meet some of the cutest animals — think donk

Aman Rimba, Janda Baik: a taste of the local kampung fare

Going away to a secluded private estate in the kampung area of Janda Baik is one thing... Dining in style while still enjoying the best our local Malay fare has to offer is another. Aman Rimba offers the perfect escape from the city and affords you a fully immersive kampung experience (with some frills!). Staying at Aman Rimba is a wonderful experience, one that we go into detail here. But having all meals catered to your group in this private estate means you don't have to w