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Open Door Policy Brunch Makeover, Tiong Bahru

What better way to spend your weekends by enjoying brunch. All you brunch lovers out there can head over Tiong Bahru's favourite neighbourhood bistro, Open Door Policy (ODP). Ushering in the new year, ODP has also introduced a new and amped up weekend heart brunch fare that is also nutritionally-conscious and 100 per cent gluten- and dairy-free. This new menu is created by Chef Ryan Clift, whose personal dietary intolerance has set him on a journey to create the yummiest glut

Artistry, Bugis

When I first moved to Singapore, I was excited at the prospect of going cafe-hopping around the island-city. But I soon discovered that my daily work routine prevented me from doing much of that. Thankfully, before the rush of working life in Singapore engulfed me completely, I managed to go around trying a few cafes. Artistry was one of them. One early Sunday morning, we decided to head to Artistry to grab a quick breakfast before heading to service. Since it is in the Bugis

The Usual Place, Jurong East

Tucked away in the unsuspecting, un-gentrified neighbourhood of Jurong East (dear god, it is so out of the way), there's a homely down-to-earth cafe, run by some of the friendliest folks I have ever encountered. The Usual Place, aptly named, could become one of those regular lepak spots for people to get some comfort food at reasonable prices. The cafe's interior is very basic, but not without thought. It carries a minimalist design that makes the place feel larger than it is

Hyde & Co, North Bridge Rd

I stumbled across Hyde & Co. when I was searching for places to have a killer Singapore chilli crab sauce pasta. So, we set aside a brunch date one weekday and made our way to North Bridge Rd to check out this halal establishment - a rarity in Singapore. Of course, much like many other cafes in Singapore, Hyde & Co. reflects a similar facade that is both minimalist and hipster. White walls are lined with art and food-related quotes to stimulate your mind while you wait for yo

Meet & Melt, Scape

Meet and Melt is a dessert cafe well known for their thick toasts and waffles. We decided to see what all the hype was about and try them out for ourselves. We had the salted egg thick toast to start off, served with a scoop of salted egg ice cream. I couldn’t wait to cut into the centre of the toast and watch the salted egg filling ooze out! As great as it sounds and looks, its taste was however a little disappointing. The toast was average, a little crispy on the outside an

Caffe Vergnano, The South Beach

Caffe Vergnano 1882, a concept cafe located in at South Beach, has opened their 100th outlet in Singapore. Sticking close to their heritage, the establishment greets diners with a classic Italian interior, boasting Italian oak walls, wooden floorboards, and brown eco-leather banquettes. The Singapore outlet features an 8m by 6m LED wall depicting a pictorial timeline, showcasing the milestones in chronological order leading to their 100th cafe. Claiming to serve only Italy’s

Wheeler's Yard, Lorong Ampas

Hidden behind an iconic blue metal gate and trendy hipster bicycles, Wheeler’s Yard is a cafe that cyclists and families frequent on weekends. It is located right along Whampoa park connector, making it even more convenient for park-goers to enjoy their meals there. The industrial warehouse creates a spacious environment while affording diners a vintage feel. Before its revamp, there were spates of negative feedback from unsatisfied diners about their food and service. Today,

Fresh Fruits Lab, Kembangan

Fresh Fruits Lab is one of those places that is worth travelling halfway across the island for (if you live in the West or North like we do). But with a car, it is easily accessible. It is a quirky cafe with some of the best cafe food I've tried in Singapore. Props are scattered around the cafe for you to conduct your own photo booth sessions if you want, while waiting for your food to arrive. Many people know about their juices, served in beakers and test tubes here. While t

Ah B Cafe, Sunny Heights

Ah B Cafe is one of Singapore's few pet-friendly cafes, where people can bring their fur babies. They serve both food for people and pets (but it is mostly for dogs!). I was invited to Ah B Cafe by the owners, Joel and Celine, to try out their new menu that just launched this month. I even had a little reviewer with me, Louie, who helped me review the dog's menu. (Credit to Aloy and Elaine for lending me Louie!) My happy fur buddy was so excited when he got to chow down on a

Working Title, Arab St

When you live in countries as racially diverse as Singapore and Malaysia, it's always good to find places that cater to all dietary needs. I believe Working Title is a pretty decent cafe to head to where there is something for everyone. I was quite hungry before heading to this cafe for dinner, so when I saw burgers on the menu, it got my appetite going. There's a nice "outdoor" lounge area that really reminded me of a cafe I've been to in Ipoh, with murals and stickers on th

Whisk & Paddle, Tebing Lane

It's still considered one of the more ulu locations in Singapore, perhaps for its inaccessibility. But otherwise, Tebing Lane at Punggol is starting to see several eateries and establishments popping up in its small 'island'. One of which include famous fast food chain, Popeyes. But we went to this secluded lifestyle nook for Whisk & Paddle. It faces the Punggol Waterway and is your typical hipster vintage-inspired cafe that serves up brunch, pastries and desserts. Opt for t

The Refinery, Lavender

The Refinery is a hidden gem tucked away in Lavender with the typical trappings of a hipster cafe - black industrial chic interior and indie music wafting out of the speakers. They've even got a cute mural on the wall. I love cafes like this - especially when it's quiet and it's a rainy afternoon. I had a really lovely praline coffee - the praline coffee comes in a ball and you pour the warm milk over it to see it melt. Stir the praline and milk and enjoy a beautiful blend of

Sarnies, Telok Ayer

We made a trip to Sarnies one rainy weekday for brunch after hearing friends rave about it for a while now. It was my first time at Telok Ayer, actually. This was before I found out about Park Bench Deli. It's nice to know that the CBD of Singapore is filled with such good food, since I am possibly moving to this beautiful country soon (yay!). The coffee ($4.60) at Sarnies is great, like I had discovered at Pasarbella, of course. I'm not a huge coffee drinker though, but I en

The Bao Makers, Horne Rd

Bao Makers reminds me of Baos & Buns in Bangkok which served mantous with various kinds of filling. But Bao Makers has a very Singaporean feel to it, of course, as it's located right in the heart of the heritage area at Jalan Besar. Its industrial chic decor and clean interior is a surefire way of identifying that it is indeed a cafe in Singapore. Facing the Jln Besar stadium, diners can sit by the window to people watch in the afternoons if they so please. Bao Makers have al

Privé, Asian Civilisations Museum

A visit to the Asian Civilisations Museum is a great way to learn about the history of our own country in trade and culture. But a walkthrough the permanent exhibition and learning so much about the history of our civilisation can work up a decent appetite. Or even if you want to fuel up before heading into an exhibition... Which is why Prive at ACM is such a strategic location for the chain of restaurants. Its first outlet is the popular one at Keppel Bay, frequented by many

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