Tian Tian Fisherman’s Pier Seafood Restaurant, Boat Quay

Before Covid-19, most people might have dismissed Boat Quay at a tourist spot with eateries for the uninitiated to Singapore fare, but there’s a gem along this stretch that’s flourishing even with travel down for the count. Business is booming for Tian Tian Fisherman’s Pier Seafood Restaurant, which has scored itself a Michelin Plate award for three years running. The restaurant, which takes up three-units along Boat Quay, is even launching a second outlet along a few doors d

Baker & Cook, Dempsey

Baker and Cook isn’t new to Singapore – in fact, the bakery and cafe chain run by New Zealander Dean Brettschneider has 11 outlets here – but what is new to the establishment is a food trend that’s taken the F&B world by storm of late: plant-based dishes. The chain’s flagship Dempsey outlet is now its first (and only) to offer a small rotation of plant-based fare, available both for dine-in and take-away. The dishes mainly feature “meat” from Impossible, an American company t