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Zoom Sky Bar at Anantara Sathorn, Bangkok

Shopping, night markets and sexy shows are just some elements that make up Bangkok's colourful lifestyle. To add on even more sprinkle onto the kaleidoscope of activities to do there, sky bars have been popping up at every possible rooftop there.

Zoom Sky Bar and Restaurant at Anantara Sathorn is one of these sky bars that both locals and tourists flock to.

Seats can be quite limited so be sure to make a reservation early.

Because you don't want to miss out on these spectacular views...

Before you head up to the top, you'll still be able to enjoy stunning cityscape views from inside - especially if the weather doesn't permit you to enjoy the cool night breeze. You will also be treated to a view of Chaophraya River.

The interior of the sky high bar is elegant and the perfect hang out spot for after work drinks. Indulge in some of the best cocktails in Bangkok while treating your ears to live jazz from Friday to Sunday.

The cocktails here may take a little while to arrive, but that is because their in-house mixologist puts plenty of heart and soul into making each drink. The drinks menu is carefully crafted out to reflect local ingredients. The drink above, Mystic Sky, is a mix of gin, triple sec, egg white, mangosteen juice and butterfly peas. That is what gives it its brilliant bluish-purple hue.

It's a light and appetising drink to start the night of with. This is part of a series of new cocktails that the ZOOM Sky Bar is launching soon.

If you're looking for something on the heavier side, the Passion Popcorn should be your go-to drink. This concoction is a combination of white chocolate, vanilla, passion fruit and rum. You will find two primary flavours to this drink - sweet and sour! The sweet comes from the creamy vanilla and white chocolate base and the sour is derived from the passionfruit. Though it may seem like an odd combination at first, its flavours turn out to be a good pair.

The last drink we had was quite a spicy one - nothing says Thailand quite like a spicy cocktail. Though instead of the usual curry or tomyam inspired drink, this one is more of a marriage between Mexican and Thai flavours fused into one hard-hitting drink. The Ring of Fire is inspired off the traditional Paloma cocktail, using Matador tequila as its main alcohol based and then topped off with hand ground peppers frozen into ice cubes. As the ice cubed capsicums melt, the drinks gets spicier!

After a round of impressive cocktails, we decided to take our late dinner upstairs. We were greeted by half Chinese half Thai chef, Chef Adtavorn Charoonpontithi, or Chef Gibb. You will find that the menu here at ZOOM Sky Bar has plenty of French nuances, mostly because Chef was trained in France and Spain.

We started with a seaweed cracker dish and this dish is interesting because the chef cultivates the seaweed himself, making it incredibly fresh and it comes out absolutely perfect.

Next, we had a seared foie gras dish served in egg shells and topped off with caviar.

And then, because the Chef has a pretty eccentric sense of humour, he likes to nickname his dishes. He nicknamed our first main "Everyday Crab". like a play on words on everyday crap. He says he has nicknamed the dish as such because they collect crabs everyday and the crab meat found in this dish is a collection of meat from multiple crabs.

The next main we had, the Chef nicknamed, tuna and chicken. It's funny because tuna is said to be the chicken of the sea. But it's even funnier because Chef says that there is absolutely no chicken in this dish.

When I tried rotating the dish to take a picture of it from a different angle, Chef was adamant that I take it from this particular angle to showcase the illusion of chicken on the dish, when it is in fact, just crispy chicken skin. The tuna is cooked with chicken essence and the dish is plated with chicken crumbs, but there is no actual chicken meat in this dish at all.

If you're a fan of lamb, you will love the lamb loins here, oven baked to perfection and beautifully painted with a crusty top of basil and mint. Too good not to try!

And finally, for our last main, we tried the seared salmon with ocean broth and mashed potatoes. If we weren't so full by the time we reached this dish, I could have easily devoured the whole thing on my own.

Zoom Sky Bar and Restaurants is one of those timeless places where people would visit again and again when they're in Bangkok. It has certainly made the list for us.

Zoom Sky Bar and Restaurant Anantara Sathorn Bangkok

267/73 ซอย นราธิวาสราชนครินทร์

10 Khwaeng Yan Nawa,

Khet Sathon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon

10120, Thailand

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