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Wing Wing, London

I love fried chicken and have been hunting all over London for some finger lickin' chicken. I found a restaurant called, Wing Wing, located in Bloomsbury (30 Woburn Place). inspired by Korean chimaek joints. They are just a 10 minute walk from Euston or 17 min walk from Holborn.

We arrived, extremely hot from taking the tube, and were glad to step into the airconditioned Wing Wing. The restaurant is painted mainly black and has a cool and modern vibe.

They are also famous for their machine-refillable beer glasses. This was very cool but is only available if you rent out their room in the back of their restaurant for a large group of people!

And on to the food!

Let's just premise this with the fact that their chicken portions are HUGE. We completely over-ordered (what with being hot and grumpy after taking the Central Line).

We ended up having 12 wings (£12.90) and 6 drumsticks (£12.90). I was under the assumption that we were ordering only the wing (and not the drumlet part), and that the drumsticks would be quite small (I once ordered thighs from Nando's that were literally the size of half a normal thigh).

Needless to say, we over-ordered because not only did we get the chicken, we ordered sides.

The chicken was absolutely excellent - both the wings and the drumsticks. The skin was very crispy and the meat was well-seasoned and juicy. I would 100% come back here again. I'm craving their chicken as it is.

So Wing Wing offers 3 flavours: soy and garlic, hot and liquorice. I LOVED the liquorice flavour - a really bizarre flavour for fried chicken I thought at first - but it just worked. Enough said.

The only thing I would say, however, is that I wish that the soy and garlic and hot flavours were stronger. But that may also be that I am used to Korean level of flavouring - extremely powerful and spicy. The drumsticks were also extremely large, and as my friend terms it "big boy drumsticks". For 2 people, I would have just ordered 6 or 12 wings and 3 drumsticks.

Their Crispy Halloumi Salad (£6.90) was intriguing with crispy chunks of halloumi (fried cheese), slivers of sweet orange, cucumber, celery atop cos lettuce.

To add some vegetables into your meal, try out the Kimchi Coleslaw (£2.50), which was very refreshing and crunchy. I would definitely order it again!

The Seaweed Fries (£1.80) were crunchy and thin (the way I like it) but, I would have preferred a stronger seaweed flavour.

The Katsu Bun (£6.90) was just delightful. The bun itself was deep fried: crispy on the outside and beautifully pillowy inside. It was stuffed with katsu chicken, what seemed like Sriracha mayo and kimchi coleslaw.

For dessert, we tried their Nutella Mars Bar ice cream (£2.90). Their ice cream was so sinful and so good. A rich vanilla ice-cream, topped with chunks of Mars Bars, flecks of meringue and drizzle with chocolate and caramel sauce.

To wash all the food down. we got the Ginger Beer slush (£2.50) and a Blue Moon craft beer (£3.95) for drinks.

The Ginger Beer slush was great for such a hot day. My friend didn't like it (but only because he doesn't like ginger/ginger beer in the first place). But I loved how gingery it was. it makes you feel super hot in the inside and cold on the outside. The craft beer was also light and delicious.

I loved Wing Wing and would definitely come back here again on my own accord. I'm craving the chicken as we speak. Cluck cluck.

Wing Wing

30 Woburn Place


Tel: 020 3900 0990

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday - 11am to 11pm Saturday - 12pm to 11pm Sunday - 12pm to 10pm

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