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Wine & Chef @ Keong Siak Road

Nestled amongst heritage shop houses located at one of the most trendiest places to dine along Keong Siak Road lies a quaint Italian kitchen. Wine & Chef is helmed by Chef Darence Wee, previously from the renowned Les Amis group, who has 23 years of culinary experience up his sleeves. He has curated an exciting new menu using premium Asian ingredients that he incorporates into his hearty Italian fare.

Diners are also able to access a wide range of Italian boutique wines with more than 140 lables to choose from and comes at such an affordable price starting from $7++ per glass!

We started our meal with a Gorgonzola & Italian Ciabatta ($9). This comprises a chuck of blue cheese with a smooth texture, along with a few slices of bread drizzled with premium olive oil, green olives, walnuts and honey on the side.

We love this paired with a glass of Prosecco Extra Dry DOC, Quota 101.

The next appetiser was a Pan Seared Foie Gras ($16) on a piece of toasted Italian bread. However, this is not an Italian dish but more of a traditional French delicacy made out of duck or goose liver. It has a bold, rich and buttery flavour that paired well with the Pradello, Fattoria Monticino Rosso which is a light to medium body red wine.

If you're having trouble finding the right win to pair with your meal, feel free to ask the friendly staff here at Wine & Chef to help you.

We moved on to the Scallop Capellini ($28), which is a cold pasta served with air-flown Hokkaido scallops and tossed in truffle and soy sauce accompanied with ikura, fried shallots, shio kombu and furikake. This is certainly refreshing on a hot day, as it is light, delicious and a play on flavours.

The recommended wine by the restaurant to be paired with this dish is a Franciacorta Rose DOCG Demi Sec, La Montina. However, I would personally prefer a Pinot Grigio or Semillion with this particular dish.

A classic but yet wholesome rustic dish, Linguine al Granchio ($38) is truly irresistible tossed with Sri Lankan Crabs, crab roe, butter and parsley. This can be eaten as an entree or a main meal paired well with Romagna Albana DOCG, Colombarda, which is a white wine with notes of delicate peach, citrus and aromatic herbs.

The Pork Roulade ($24) was done exceptionally well with the crispy crackling and a homemade achar (nyonya-style salad) on the side that went surprisingly well with the dish. The intensity of the flavours comes from their secret five spice blend. This is paired with the Dolcetto d'Alba DOC, Beppe Marino, which is a red wine distinguished by a distinctive fruity and almond scent and the perfect combination for this dish. Do book this dish in advance before you visit the restaurant as there are only limited portions served per day.

If you are looking to try an authentic Italian dish, then the Nduja Pasta ($28) will be perfect for you. This is one of the crowd favourites here. It is served with a generous portion of fresh crayfish and Njduja salami tossed in a rich umami tomato sauce imported from the South of Italy. This goes well when paired with a glass of Romagna Sangiovese Superiore DOC, Colombrada.

We ended our dinner with a Venere Rice Pudding ($10) that literally is a party in your mouth! One bite and this brings back childhood memories, as you'd find crackling candy in it! Simple and yet, executed very well.

Come and experience a food and wine fare serving up quality produce with exceptional new dishes and boutique wines sourced directly from Italy!

Wine & Chef

7 Keong Saik Road,

Singapore 089115

Operating Hours

Monday - Saturday: 12pm - 12am

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