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&Why... We are here again!

Hey, foodies! We're back at our favourite Halal restaurant once again!

We were invited to &Why... to try their “reignited” menu and having heard rad reviews from my fellow foodies, I was eager to see what the rave was about.

After being shown to our seats, we were presented with a modest selection of starters on a platter (from left to right): Avocado and Quinoa Salad($12.90), Salted Egg Calamari($14.90) and Honey Sriracha Wings($14.90). Being a huge fan of avocados, the salad was a great start. The calamari and sriracha wings were both delectable but the sriracha wings were a personal favourite! If you prefer something sweet and spicy to your palate, don’t miss out on the Honey Sriracha Wings!

Having whet our appetite, we were served the Soup of the Day: Butternut Squash Pumpkin served with Garlic Crostini ($6.90). The aromatic and creamy delight was a tango on the tastebuds, and the crostini that came with it certainly did not disappoint.

For the mains, we each had a grilled platter which came with a limited selection of medium-well done steaks paired with different sauces. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of steaks in general, I was blown away by the Striploin with Tennessee sauce ($29 for 240gm) in particular with its surprisingly tender texture and piquant-savoury taste. This dish definitely won me over, and I wouldn’t mind having seconds!

I felt the Ribeye with Peppercorn sauce ($32 for 230gm) and Tenderloin with Sautéed Mixed Mushrooms and Garlic sauce ($34 for 200gm) were on par with each other for they were not as outstanding as compared to the Striploin.

If you’re a fan of complex flavours, do try the Herb Crust Lamb Rack with Chimichurri sauce for its layering and complexity. However it was a tad tough in my opinion although the presentation was artful. Don’t just take my word for granted, feel free to choose your prime meat and sauce and decide for yourselves!

Each steak was served with Mixed Roasted and Grilled Vegetables, as well as Mashed Potatoes which my dinner companion was a fan of. &Why... has a few other sides which you may choose to add-on for just $2.50. &Why... has succeeded yet again in winning over another fan in FVSW and I can’t wait to bring my Muslim friends and dates here to this Halal restaurant for a fancy 1900’s night. And why... it’s a thumbs up from me, that’s why! If you're not yet convinced why you should be heading down to &Why... you may check out our past review here. &Why... 30/31 Bali Lane, 189867 Singapore Tel: +65 6291 0993 Opening Hours: Thursday - Tuesday 11am - 11pm Closed Every Wednesday

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