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Waterbath Chef, West Coast Plaza

In the city of Singapore where there is an abundance of local and an international food available in almost every nook and corner, it can be difficult at times to stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is not difficult to find healthy food in this city but it would be a bonus to come across a solid establishment serving up a delicious wholesome meal.

Waterbath Chef just opened its doors in January 2018 with the aim of shaping and helping the community live a clean and healthy lifestyle. At the moment, the market is saturated with a "build your own meal" concept but this new contender has so much more to offer than just your typical superfood local joint.

First, we decided to build our very own Starving Set ($12.90) which includes 1 carb, 2 proteins and 5 sides.

Our set included an Organic Quinoa with Cauliflower rice as the base, followed by a Sous-vide Beef and we added an extra Sous-vide Salmon ($2) with half an avocado, edamame, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, crispy shallots and Korean seafood flakes to top it off. Here at Waterbath Chef, all the dressing (or Flavour Bomb) is made from scratch daily. We decided to go for the classic honey, ginger and soy. This was absolutely delicious and all the natural flavours came through with the proteins cooked to perfection.

The next dish we tried was the Signature Chicken Rice ($9.90) that consisted of chicken breast, brown rice, an onsen egg that was beautifully cooked with a side of broccoli, carrot and cucumber with a smashing chicken rice chilli flavour bomb. This was a very substantial meal and I would definitely have this on a weekly basis compared to the traditional style hawker dish.

Finally we saved the best for last, the iconic Chili Crab (from $12.90) is perfect for anyone who wants a pack of flavour added to their healthy diet. This is usually served with pasta but we swapped it for the brown rice instead. Yes, this looks quite simply ordinary to the eye but truly addictive! We kept on going back for more, a must-try at Waterbath Chef.

For drinks we had a Matcha Latte ($3.50 on the left ) and Fresh Barley with a lemon slice ($2.50 on the right ). We weren't very big fans of the Matcha Latte, but the Barley had a very nice "homemade" taste to it.

Overall, we had a fantastic time and believe that among many establishment that we have been to, this is one of the rare F&B healthy vendors that offers healthy food that are LEGIT delicious! Everything was beautifully prepared with an irresistible selection of homemade flavour bombs (this should really be bottled up and sold in the store as well).

Waterbath Chef also designs bento boxes to-go and offers a buffet catering menu for offices or parties.

Swing by for lunch or a quick meal after the gym that will energise you for the rest of your day! This is clean food at its best and for more details on whats on offer click here to find out more.

Waterbath Chef

154 West Coast Road

#B1-57 West Coast Plaza

Singapore 127371

Daily Operating Hours:

9:30am - 8:30pm

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