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Wagyu Fest @ Tony Roma's

We’re pretty sure everyone remembers Tony Roma’s as the childhood introduction to “fancy western food”. The restaurant hold memories of special family dinners and high school birthday parties, or maybe that time you scraped together your allowance money for your very first fancy date with that first love you had. Ah, the simpler days.

Tony Roma’s holds a lot of nostalgia for those born in mid 80’s to early 90’s. They first open their doors in Malaysia in 2006, and ever since then have been a staple of the “#treatyoself (but gaji belum masuk)” restaurant options. You know exactly what to expect when you go to a Tony Roma’s branch, and now good service and classic BBQ food aren’t just the only things to look forward to;

Now between 1st March and 30th April 2019, Tony Roma’s features a special Wagyu Fest menu that bring four new featured dishes to the table. Yes, Wagyu. Delicious, melty, meaty Wagyu beef is not being served at the restaurant for a limited time, and for a fee that won’t break your bank.

Their Wagyu steaks are both priced at RM164.05 (Including service charge and service tax) each and come in two cuts, Wagyu Ribeye and Wagyu NY Strip.

Is it legit? Yes it is.

The Wagyu Ribeye is beautifully tender and marbled with delicious sweet flavours to melt in your mouth.

The Wagyu NY Strip has a meatier heavy profile but still retains that classic juicy taste when cooked up to Medium Rare doneness.

Both come with the options of two sides (of which we strongly recommend one of them should be the Mash Potato because the texture is amazing!).

If for some weird reason you’re at Tony Roma’s and decide that steaks aren’t for you, fear not, they’ve also prepared a Wagyu Burger (RM55) and a Wagyu Steak & Wild Mushroom Flatbread (RM55) on their special menu which are both good enough to make your friends who stuck with ordering the steak just a little bit jealous.

The burger patties are handmade fresh at each restaurant, allowing you the option to choose the doneness of it. It’s dressed with the perfect amount of veggies and sauce, and comes with thick cut fries

As for the Flatbread, if you don’t order this then you’re definitely missing out. It’s a good portion for having as a sharing side, and it features strips of the Wagyu NY Strip steak, melted Havarti cheese, crumbled Blue Cheese, wild mushrooms, red peppers, and a creamy sauce. The combination of the blue cheese and mushroom give it a wonderful umami flavour that’s paired with the crunchy texture of the flatbread and the tender texture of the Wagyu beef.

To round it off they’ve added in two new cakes for dessert. The Premium Carrot Walnut Cake has a light soft texture and a zesty cream cheese topping that doesn’t feel too sinful when you eat it. But if you’re all about that #treatyoself life then the Rich Double Chocolate Treat is for you. It’s layered with different textures of moist chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and oreo cookie crumble. They weren’t lying about the rich part, so sharing this with a friend is recommended (though we totally won’t judge if you just want one for yourself). Each slice of cake is priced at RM12.

Tony Roma’s currently has 12 outlets, nine of which are in the Klang Valley. If you’re ready to spur some nostalgia and taste some new flavours from this classic family restaurant, now till 30th April is a great time to make a visit.

Tony Roma's

Lot G-46,

Citta Mall, 10, 47301,


Opening hours: 10AM-10PM

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