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VUE, Singapore's newest rooftop dining destination @ OUE Bayfront on Collyer Quay

Sip on dazzling spritz cocktails and nibble on palate-pleasing canapés amidst the sunset overlooking a jaw dropping skyline of Singapore. VUE is the latest rooftop bar offering innovative and classic range of spritz cocktail, with a spectacular unprecedented view of the Marina Bay Sands.

Amongst the wide array of cocktails available, the Ispahan (S$16) spritz cocktail was a crowd favourite amongst the ladies. The Ispahan consists of a refreshing mix of raspberry-infused gin, lychee and grapefruit which had a nice fruity and sweet taste profile to it. As for the gentlemen, a glass of masculine Iberian Burbuja (S$18) embodies a bold and strong blend of Amontillado sherry and port wine that might just tickle your fancy.

In addition to that, a duo of complimentary canapés such as Truffle Potatoes Grougères and Mini Roast Beef Cubes are served alongside the spritz cocktails during sunset hours from 5pm-7pm.

Not to mention, VUE is sectioned into three focal areas—the 60-seat main dining hall, an al fresco pavilion bar which sits 36, and a private dining room which seats 12. Vue's Italian inspired interior and picturesque main dining hall with menu featuring Binchōtan-grilled specialities, and an extensive wine selection with over 1000 options to choose from, is unquestionably the perfect pit stop to savour a taste of what Singapore has to offer.

For starters, diners can opt for a fresh start with the Oyster along with Champagne Mignonette (S$10 each; S$ 48, 1/2 dozen; S$88, dozen). These Spéciales Geay Size 2 Oysters has a velvety-buttery texture, and is served with some champagne Mignonette that is made up of vinegar, minced shallots, and seasoning, of which balanced off the naturally sweet and briny flavour of the oysters.

Another appetiser worth devouring for is their Chef's Daily Special Charcuterie platter (S$38, 3 kinds; S$58, 5 kinds). This robust platter of a Garde Manger Chef's repertoire comprises of a trio of thinly sliced cured European specialty, such as Spanish Jàmon Iberico, Chorizo from the Basque region of France, and French Saucisson. The charcuterie is paired with a few in-house made condiments (50 gm per serving) such as La Coca Bread Toast (S$8), Home-pickled Cherries (S$10), and Preserved Apple and Pear (S$8).

Moving on to the starters, a light-bodied flavour of Ceviche (S$38) remains a wise choice to tease your palate before the heavier textured main courses.The Ceviche includes a triad of seafood marinated in a citrus-based spicy tiger milk emulsion with using fresh and quality Ibaraki halibut, Norwegian diver scallop, and New Caledonian Prawns. This dish is then garnished with shallots, pine nuts, coriander, two variation of corn —fresh and freeze-dried to give an added crunch and sweetness to the dish.

Vue's must-order includes savoury and tender Kumamoto A5 Emperor 'Kokuou' Wagyu imported directly from Kyushu island. What makes this wagyu special is the exclusivity with only 2 cattles being served per month. The wagyu beef is grass-fed with an exemplary marble score, with controlled numbered of cattles being allowed to be exported out of the Kyushu region.

The Japanese wagyu sirloin (S$120,150gm; $S228, 300gm) is grilled over the restaurant's signature binchotan grill and lightly seasoned with rice salt flakes, served alongside a sweet onion marmalade and red wine-beef jus reduction. For those who enjoys more fatty-buttery melt-in-your-mouth texture of meat should opt for a medium-rare doneness as it resembles eating a slice of Otoro sashimi.

Additionally, a medium-well doneness of meat has a less fattier texture and had a much more pleasurable chew to it. We'd recommend getting the sauce on the side as the wagyu beef itself packed a punch of its own natural goodness.

With that said above, complement your main course with a various selection of savoury and delicious sides available. From deep-fried onion tempura (S$12), grilled Shishito Peppers with Bottarga (S$18), Roasted Bone Marrow with Truffle (S$15), Marbled Potatoes S$15), Creamed Spinach & Parmigiano (S$15), and many more.

The last course for the night includes a festive dessert special, Chestnut (available for à la carte at S$18) , which was inspired by a classic Mont Blanc dessert. The 'Chestnut' dessert comprises of delicate cocoa nib tuile a bed dollops of luxe chocolate mousse, zesty raspberry, and served alongside chocolate truffle, freshly churned chestnut ice cream and garnished with shaved Italian truffle.

With its strategic location and breathtaking view of the city, VUE makes the ideal venue to host weddings, corporate events, private functions and events which will definitely leave your guests astonished and pleased.

Last but not least, do make a reservation/inquiry before dining to avoid any disappointments. VUE is currently only open for dinner from Mondays through Fridays (6pm-10.45pm) and is slated to commence lunch service in January 2020

Address: OUE Bayfront, Level 19, 50 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049321

Contact/Whatsapp: +65 8879 0923



Facebook and Instagram: @VUESingapore

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