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Usher into the New Year with OX-picious Set Menus @ White Restaurant

This Lunar New Year, White Restaurant – known for their Sembawang White Beehoon has curated bountiful options of Set Menu to spring into the "NIU" Year. The set menu caters for 4 pax (from $238++) to bigger celebrations of 8 pax ($518++) and will be available from 29th January to 26th February 2021.

Every set comes with a colorful serving of Prosperity Abalone Yusheng for a mandatory 'Lou Hei' ritual to begin with. The Yusheng consists of tender pieces of 14-head abalone, a vibrant mix of thinly julienned winter melon, buckwheat, dried persimmon, carrots, deep fried yam and jelly fish. It is then topped with grounded peanuts, white sesame, pomelo pulp for an added crunch, and finally topped with an in-house made pomelo sauce alongside finely sliced lemon leaves for a hint of fruitiness.

Apart from that, the set also comes with a tantalising selection of appetisers. Diners who opt for the 4pax set menu will kickstart with a Fortune Platter of 3 appetisers while those who opt for the 8pax set menu will have the Good Luck Platter instead. The appetisers features some of White Restaurant's best selling dishes such as the Signature Meat and Seafood Roll (pictured above) that is served with a side of sweet chilli sauce, while also being able to see interesting curated dishes such as Wasabi Wild Fungus, Crispy Baby Squid and Traditional Turnip Kuih Pie Tee, Caviar Scallop Siew Mai to name a few.

Moving along to the next course, expect familiar Chinese New Year flavours with a twist such as this 14-head Abalone & Foie Gras Wonton Collagen Soup, that is served in a full-bodied nourishing broth of fish bones, chicken bones and feet, pork bones and meat that is gently simmered for over 6 hours.

One of the most memorable course was the Conpoy and Curry Prawn Yam Ring. A twist to the classic yam basket that is filled with crunchy capsicums, dried scallops, and meaty curried prawns. The in-house made curry sauce was an interesting addition as it was creamy and had a nice subtle hint of spice that brought the dish altogether.

Dig into the Stew-fried Pork Rib with Pineapple and Chinese Herb with Golden Crispy Buns that features tender pork ribs that is first fried and then stewed for 4 hours, and served with fresh pineapples for a tinge of sweetness, rose wine as well as Dang Gui to enhance the flavour of the meat. Although the dish was rich in flavour, I found the sauce to be slightly on a sweeter note.

Not to mention, the set menu also comes with fragrant XO Sauce Prawns with Broccoli that boasts a nice char of "wok hei", and may you have an abundant of surplus with the Ancient-style Steamed Red Grouper to complete your Chinese New Year traditions.

No meal at White Restaurant is complete without The Original Sembawang White Beehoon that is served with a generous mix of prawns, squid, egg, and beehoon – all drenched in a tasty homemade broth, and served with a lime for an added zesty kick.

Finally, end your sumptuous meal with their hearty yet comforting in-house made dessert such as the Red Bean with Lotus Seed Lily.

As mentioned above, there are various sets to choose from that includes different menu offerings. The price (subjected to service charge and prevailing GST) of the sets are as below:-

1.) Bountiful Sets: $238 (4 pax), $518 (8pax)

2.) Fortune Sets: $288 (4pax); $568 (8pax)

3.) Prosperity Sets: 328 (4pax) ; 628 (8pax)

Do view more of their Chinese menu offerings here, and their ongoing promotion as well as terms and conditions on their website.

To prevent overcrowding, White Restaurant is offering a 10% discount for off-peak reservations on Chinese New Year Eve (11 Feb only) for their 1st and 2nd seatings at 12pm to 2pm and 4pm to 6pm respectively. Last but not least, reservations are highly recommended to avoid any disappointment.

The Chinese New Year set menus will be available in all six outlets in Singapore (Sembawang, Waterway Point, SunPlaza, Jewel Changi Airport, IMM, Suntec City.) Do view their complete list with address and contact details here.


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