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  • Samantha Chiew

Upper Place @ Wangz Hotel, Outram Park

Asian fusion food is gaining popularity in Singapore, but after trying many, I feel that it’s a hit or miss concept. You either get it right or it can go horribly wrong.

Thankfully, our lunch at the Upper Place @ Wangz Hotel was a total hit and every dish was absolutely magnificent. Although I was (supposed to be) on a diet, coming here definitely made me call that day my cheat day and it was worth every single calorie.

To start, we had a bowl of Sweet Corn Soup ($14). I usually would not go out and order a bowl of sweet corn soup, so the ones that I would normally try are the ones out of a can. Though we might agree that canned soup makes for something quick and comforting to enjoy during your lazy days at home, fresh is always best. This sweet corn soup was really fragrant with its basil oil and chilli oil (don’t worry, it isn’t spicy at all). What I loved was the crabmeat that gave it a nice umami touch to the sweet soup base and the roasted broccoli that add a splash of crunch.

We were also served the all-time favourite Mushroom Soup ($14) with truffle oil. But like most of the dishes here, comes with an interesting touch that you won’t see elsewhere. That green foam on the top of the soup is a spring onion froth that added a nice touch to the soup.

And these are just some of Upper Place’s totally refreshed menu, specially curated by Head Chef, William Campbell. We had a chat with Chef Campbell and he said that his inspiration for most of the dishes came from when he was working in China and had to think of a way to make western food more appealing to the local Chinese – which was of course to add some local touch into it!

Our food journey was just beginning with the soups. For starters, we had the Octopus & Chorizo ($22), which was served with paprika textures, squid ink, 63 degrees egg and some crispy quinoa. I personally love octopuses and chorizo, so this dish got my two-thumbs up! I did find this dish a little messy, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Mix everything up and have all the flavours come together. Just watch out not to spill on yourself!

Adding some carbs into our meal, we had the Tiger Prawn Pasta ($28). At first glance when the dish arrived, you would think it’s a pesto-based pasta, but once you dig in, you’d realise that it isn’t. The green pasta sauce is made with puay ling, a sort of vegetable commonly used in Asian dishes. The dish was also cooked with goji berries to give it some sweet notes and crispy shrimps for a touch of umami.

The Pork Belly ($30) is marinated in char siew sweet sauce and orange sauce for some tanginess, then topped with sesame. I’m generally not a huge fan of pork dishes in Singapore, but this was really one of the better than average ones out there. I also liked the crispy sweet potato on the side that was fashioned to look like a bird’s nest.

The Barramundi ($30) got my two thumbs up! Its sauce that was cooked with white wine, honey tomatoes and truffle was just ah-mazing! And I also really appreciated that the fish was cooked just nice.

My favourite main course was the Wagyu Rib Eye ($38). Okay… How good can steak taste? I can surely say some good cuts were used here and the red wine jus paired with the meat so well. The potato puree on the side was also to-die-for! It was so creamy and buttery, it definitely got me wanting for more.

To quench your thirst after all the food, Upper Place serves some interesting juice blends from exquisite French juice brand, Alain Milliat. I personally prefer the Just Raisin Blanc Chardonnay (non-alcoholic), which was a nice balance between sweet and sour. It was also pretty light and refreshing, perfect for a hot day!

And to end our meal, we had the Crema Catalana ($12), which was kinda like a crème brulee, but softer and less heavy. I personally love cream based desserts, so this is for sure something I would go back for.

But for you chocolate lovers, check out this monster of a dessert! The Chocolate Moelleux ($15) is basically a chocolate lava cake with strawberry ice cream served on the side. I’m not typically a fan of chocolate, but this super rich lava cake got me crazy. I loved how moist the cake was and the sauce in it was not too sweet, so you can easily lick every drop of chocolate off the plate.

Oh and not forgetting, Upper Place has both lunch sets (from $24++) and dinner sets (from $48++) that features some of the foods above.

This is definitely a date-friendly place as it has an amazing city view outside the restaurant through its floor-to-ceiling windows. But do call to make a reservation before going, as there are limited seats available.

You can also make your reservations online through Quandoo here,

Upper Place Wangz Hotel 231 Outram Road Singapore 169040 Tel: +65 6595 1388

Opening hours: Breakfast – 7.00am to 10.30am Lunch – 12.00pm to 3.00pm Dinner – 6.00pm to 10.30pm

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