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Two Chefs Bar Mexican & Italian, Holland Village

One thing I love about Holland Village is its many amazing food across the expansive area. If you can’t decide between having Mexican or Italian food, Two Chefs Bar is the place to go, as they serve both cuisines!

Two Chefs Bar is a pretty cozy spot to pop by and enjoy some drinks too.

Go crazy and have an Italian entrée with a Mexican main, if you like. Because that’s what we did!

For starters, we had the Caprese, which is a very typical Italian entrée dish, featuring slices of mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes and basil leaves, then topped with balsamic dressing. A very simple and fresh dish that opened up our appetites for more dishes to come.

There are several types of mains you can choose here. We ended up picking two Italian mains and one Mexican main.

For the Italian dishes, we first had the Prawn and Arugula ($22) pasta. This in my opinion is a safe dish to order. You can hardly go wrong with pasta dishes. The pasta is tossed in olive oil and garlic, making it light and easy to eat. That means, you’d be able to have some space for dessert after!

The other dish we got was the Crispy Duck Confit ($24), served with mashed potatoes, some seasonal vegetables and drizzled with orange segment, which is kind of like an orange puree based sauce). The funny thing was the duck confit was served crispy, but taste-wise it was my favourite dish here. The duck was very tender and the meat just melts in your mouth. It went super well with the orange segment sauce too! The mashed potatoes were also very buttery, just the way I like it.

We had the Chicken Fajitas ($20) too. It was a good thing we had this the last, because it was super flavourful. The chicken was served sizzling with a bed of onions and Two Chefs Bar’s special house sauce. On the side, there was guacamole, red salsa, sour cream and pico de Gallo, as well as tortilla wraps. Put everything together on a the tortilla wrap and eat it! However, I did find that there wasn’t enough tortilla wraps to go around, but if you wat to have more it’s $3 for just 2 pieces.

To end our meal here, we had the Simply Decadent Classic Churros ($12), served with chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and berries. The churros were cooked very well – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. And I thought it went better with the vanilla ice cream than the chocolate sauce.

Not forgetting, Two Chefs Bar is giving away FREE BEER for a limited time only! Just ask the friendly restaurant staff on how to get it!

Overall, I think Two Chefs Bar is a pretty good place for indecisive people to come, as you can pick from a variety of Mexican and Italian food. The place also has a pretty chilled vibe to it, so it’s somewhere I’ll probably pop by again.

Don’t forget to call in advance to reserve a table, you know how crazy packed bars in Holland Village can get! Or better yet, just book through Quandoo here.

Two Chefs Bar Mexican & Italian

17D Lor Liput, Holland Village,

Singapore 277731

Tel: +65 6463 3903

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