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Top 9 Mooncakes in Singapore for Mid-Autumn Festival 2020

Once upon a time, the Mid-autumn festival, or more popularly known as the Mooncake festival, meant colourful light exhibitions in Singapore, as well as mooncake fairs being held in mall atriums. But the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a change in the way we celebrate festivities. With social distancing measures still in place and physical exhibition events not encouraged, let’s skip the queues and let the mooncakes come to you by placing your order via the internet.

Here are some mooncakes that we have narrowed down for you to add to your cart.

1. Mandarin Orchard

The mooncakes at Mandarin Orchard are best for gifts as it comes in a lustrous blue gift box, embellished with a lattice-pattern crest. As beautiful as it is on the outside, try out some of Mandarin Orchard’s pastel-hued mini snow skin mooncakes, featuring flavours Yam and White Chocolate, Red Wine Cranberry with Japanese Yuzu and Lemongrass, and more.

2. Goodwood Park Hotel

In honour of its 120th anniversary, Goodwood Park Hotel will be unveiling its grand 120th Anniversary Mooncake (limited pieces available) with 12 sumptuous salted egg yolks in a lavish white lotus seed paste baked mooncake spanning 16.5cm wide. Fancy something a little more modern? Try out the two new flavours of snowskin mooncakes – Orange with Grape and Japanese Sweet Potato with Pumpkin-Coconut Centre – and their famous range of durian mooncakes.

3. Resorts World Sentosa

For the health conscious, take a bite off RWS’ Health Flourishes: Premium Snow Skin Mooncakes by Feng Shui Inn. Leave the guilt aside and indulge in wholesome mooncakes that boast natural sweeteners without any artificial flavourings or colourings, as well as a variety of health-boosting ingredients. Starting from $98 for a box of six, choose between three delightful flavours: Rose Lingzhi Spores with Longan; Matcha with Tangerine Peel; and Purple Sweet Potato with Manuka Honey.

4. Fairmont Singapore

For something a little more traditional, dig in the passionately crafted baked and snowskin mooncakes by dim sum maven, Chef Mandy Yeo of Szechuan Court. Apart from the traditional lotus paste and yolk flavours available, Farimont is introducing some new and modern flavours this year, such as the Caramel Sea Salt snowskin mooncake; Pu Er with Chia Seed snowskin mooncake and Traditional Mixed Nuts baked mooncake.

5. Royal Durian x Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

This mid-autumn festival, Royal Durian has collaborated with Singapore's Marriott Tang Plaza to bring you an exquisite series of mooncake. Royal Durian is no stranger to durian enthusiasts, and is proud to debut its first-ever Mao Shan Wang snow skin mooncake. The durian used in these mooncakes are sourced from the best premium grade of Mao Shan Wang durians from Pahang Raub’s Old Tree in Malaysia.

These soft yet delicate pieces of mooncake comes in a luxurious and recyclable mooncake box and is currently retailing at S$118 for a set of eight pieces. Do send in your queries and orders via whatsapp or text message at +65 8218 3137 as there are only limited quantities available. Alternatively, you may be able to opt for a self collection, pick-up or in-store purchase at their cafe – Royal Durian Cafe in Jurong.

6. Old Seng Choong

Backed by popular demand, perennial favourites take the spotlight in the 2020 collection. These include the likes of the well-loved White Lotus Paste with Pumpkin Seed and White Lotus Paste with Yolk Blend, the classic White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk (available exclusively in the Celestial Premium Gift Box), the novel savoury-sweet Red Lotus Paste with Bak Kwa as well as Old Seng Choong’s unparalleled Mini Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin mooncake.

Two beautifully-designed boxes are available for the baked variants this year: the elegant Celestial Premium Gift Box – a Tiffany blue faux leather tiered case adorned with watercolour florals and peacocks comprising Red Tea and Da Hong Pao blends, or a vibrant and elegant box with bird and peony motifs – this design is also available for the Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin mooncakes. A chic clear jelly bag with bold handles completes the package.

7. Aroma Truffle & Co.

Although the durian season (usually from June to August) is coming to an end, Aroma Truffle is making sure you get the last bits of sweet and creamy durian in their two mooncakes flavour this year – Black Charcoal Musang King and Butterfly Pea Musang King. And adding an extra twist, Aroma Truffle has infused these goodies with premium Black Winter Truffles harvested from Italy and topped them off with edible gold flakes.

8. Lady M

Luxury cake boutique Lady M has partnered with Netflix and Pearl Studio’s animated musical, Over The Moon, to launch a collectible limited-edition Mooncake Lantern. Inspired by the musical, the character and scenes are featured intricately on the lanterns. The lanterns open to unveil a collection of six individually-wrapped mooncakes custom-designed with Kee Wah Bakery and available in two flavours: sweet egg custard, and chocolate custard.

9. Bakerzin

Get your dose of caffeine with Bakerzin’s new Aromatic Latte Mooncake. Expect fragrant coffee notes that yield to a bitter-sweet filling with a ratio of 80% Arabica and 20% Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans for a delightfully smooth, chocolatey and rich blend. Don’t forget to also dig into Bakerzin’s popular snowskin flavours, including the Strawberry Chia Seed, Black Sesame & Peanut Butter, and the boozy Latte Kahlua Truffle.


Virtual mooncake fairs

If you are unsure about what sort of mooncakes you like, why not take a look at a one-stop marketplace to compare and decide? Here are some online mooncake fairs featuring several brands all across Singapore.

  • Oddle Eats Online Food Festival – The Mooncake Edition

From now till Oct 1, 2020, log on to Oddle Eats’ website and shop for your mooncake this Mid-autumn Festival. The festival will feature a selection of over 55 types of mooncakes and Instagram filters that will help you out if you can’t decide which mooncake to eat next. At the one-stop online food festival, you can choose from an assortment of mooncakes from delicate snowskin to the buttery, flaky Teochew-styled mooncakes and the traditional baked varieties along with numerous filling options to suit every taste preference.

  • by Sinpopo

Be spoiled for choice at the with over 35 brands showcasing their mooncake offerings in this online marketplace this year. You can even select across the array of brands and checkout together in the same shopping cart. One important feature for corporates and bulk orders is that discounts can even be applied by combining orders across all brand partners. So there is no need to commit to a large quantity from any one brand before getting that corporate price or bulk discount.

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