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TOKUYA, Arcoris Mont Kiara

For those of you who have been following us, you will know that Tim and I are getting married. And we’ve also just bought our first home. That means we have to buy lots of household items for our new place!

We went for the soft launch opening of TOKUYA at Arcoris Mont Kiara to check out their premium Japanese products and we’re pretty impressed at the selection!

From designer-looking dinnerware to statement pieces for the home to practical household items, it’s no surprise that TOKUYA’s concept is “Purposeful Unique”.

What you’ll find here is indeed unique as not many other Japanese shops of this kind would carry items of such high quality.

One of my favourite buys for today was this all natural rope toy for Yoda. Yoda loves playing with ropes but the ropes I’ve found at other Japanese shops tend to have really heavy colouring that might be harmful to pets. I was happy to have found this non-coloured rope for Yoda and it has fast become his favourite new toy. And we only paid RM5.80 for it.

We also managed to get a really good wine bottle opener for only RM5.80. Most of the items at TOKUYA are priced within the RM5.80 to RM7.50 price range, which are totally value for money considering its quality.

The most expensive thing we bought here was the wooden plate for RM20. We recently found similar wooden boards in Bangkok for the same price but they were HOLLOW inside. This wooden plate was very solid and the same price!

You can expect to find good buys at TOKUYA despite its “100 Yen” shop nature. So we’re really happy with our buys for the new house!

All in all, for two bags worth of stuff (not all shown here), we spent RM100 and it was enough for us to get everything we needed from kitchen utensils to ceramic ware to stuff for Yoda and even a couple of things for Tim.

What a well spent Saturday morning. 👍🏻

Check out TOKUYA at Arcoris Mont Kiara.



Arcoris Mont Kiara

Jalan Kiara

Mont Kiara

50480 KL

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