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Tim Ho Wan, Great World City

Tim Ho Wan begins a new chapter of their empire together with the founding duo Chef Mak and Chef Leung who led the company to its first Michelin star. The new shareholders have initiated and driven a total revamp of their menu with countless refining and upgrading with a commitment to ensure quality, value and authenticity to its consumers. With this, they have recently unveiled its 9th outlet at Great World City Singapore and we were really excited to have a look and taste the new and improved menu!

We started the evening with the all time favourite Baked BBQ Pork Buns ($5.80)! The recipe has been tweaked to replicate the bun from the iconic flagship store in Hong Kong. Bite into this crumbly and fluffy crust with an oozing filing of the sweet and salty diced barbecued pork coated in a secret sauce. The precision of the old fashioned folding technique of the bun is immaculate hence in my opinion a brilliant execution of flavours and texture!

Tim Ho Wan is also known for its BBQ Pork Rice Rolls ($5.50). The silky translucent sheets of rice rolls steamed to perfection is made from a blend of 4 different types of flours. This is delicately wrapped around the tender barbecued pork drizzled with a fragrant sweet sauce. You can choose between the BBQ Pork, Prawn or Mushroom. Add a little chilli sauce on the side and this dish is popping!

In a solid dim sum establishment, the dumplings need to be exceptional in taste and technique. The Spinach Dumplings with Prawn ($4.80) is a dish that you must try! The fine translucent crystal skins wrapped around the filling was simply heavenly. This was one of my favourites for the night and I kept on going back for more. Simply irresistible!

Next we moved on to the Prawn & Pork Dumplings ($4.80) also known as the classic siew mai. This is steamed to perfection filled with a rich fatty pork wrapped in a delicate skin. A must have on your table when you dine at Tim Ho Wan!

Most times, I would like to have a soupy dish whilst munching on my dumplings. If you are a fan of noodles then you must try a new addition to the menu - Hong Kong Braised Beef Soup Noodle ($8.80). This beef and tendons is specially selected and braised for a period of 3 hours in a special Tim Ho Wan sauce which melted in my mouth immediately.

I tend to have a love affair with spice and chilli. These Pork Dumplings in a Hot & Spicy Sauce ($6.00) with the iconic red-hot chili oil sauce is made from 18 different herbs and spices! Yes thats a flavour bomb packed in your mouth from the very first bite.

An essential to all my yum cha sessions is a solid Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf ($5.80). This well loved classic has been revamped with the correct measurements to ensure consistency for that same rich flavour. As you open the fragrant lotus, the steam slowly escapes and unveils the succulent meat and juicy mushroom chunks.

If you know me well enough, I absolutely love carbs and fried rice is a dish I simply cannot resist! Tim Ho Wan’s Spicy Fried Rice ($7.50) is tossed and fried with fresh egg, edamame and lap cheong with a spicy kick.

Also a new addition to the menu is a classic Pan-fried Radish Cake ($5.00) made with a generous portion of fresh radish. These are pan fried to golden perfection and you must add some of the chili on the side to give it an extra kick!

To end the night we had Sesame Balls with Molten Salted Egg ($4.50). As you bite into it, brace yourself for an explosion of tasty molten salted egg filling.

Cool off with the Chrysanthemum Aloe Vera Jelly ($4.50) which is a new item on the menu. Simple yet refreshing!

Lastly we had the Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts ($4.50), freshly baked out of the oven with a golden silky- smooth egg custard set in a crumbly pastry cup.

Overall, the revamped dishes and the new menu items were absolutely delicious! There is an apparent change in the quality and consistency in the food and ingredients used. I must say that this has been carefully thought out and well executed. Tim Ho Wan Asia Pacific has definitely something to celebrate! This is a real upgrade to first class dim sum at affordable prices.

Tim Ho Wan

#01-139 Great World City,

1 Kim Seng Promenade Singapore


Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday: 11am - 10pm

Sat, Sun & PH: 9am -10pm

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