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The Victorian English Afternoon Tea at L'Espresso, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

There's no need to crash Mad Hatter's tea party anymore. From now till 22 July 2018, you can head down to L'Espresso for a Victorian English Afternoon Tea. Nestled in an iconic hotel on Scotts Road that dates back to 1900s, this is the perfect place to treat yourself to an elegant experience.

Flying the Union Jack on the highlights of the Victorian Afternoon Tea, L'Espresso allows guests to enjoy classic English favourites by bringing a piece of England to the table.

I started the feast with the Coronation Chicken with Mango Chutney and Almonds Open-faced Sandwich. I found this to be an interesting creation with an overpowering mango taste, making it the perfect bite-sized snack for mango lovers. Whether or not you are a mango lover, I can bet you won't stop at one piece.

Next, I had the Beef Wellington, which is a sandwich filled with parma ham, beef pastrami and portobello confit. I am happy to say that this sandwich is worth that space in your stomach where the portobello mushroom compliments the parma ham and beef pastrami very well.

Concluding the small bites section, I had the Mini Corned Beef and Leak Quiche which nicely combined both sweet and savoury in one bite. But I could not really taste the leek due to the overwhelming buttery aftertaste.

The Three Little Pigs is a sandwich that I had high expectations for. Filled with smoked pork, gammon and meatloaf, I honestly could not distinct the difference between the three hams but it sure serves as comfort food for those who loves a simple ham sandwich.

Stealing a glimpse at the carving station, I was very intrigued by the Salmon Florentine and had to take a bite for myself. The Salmon Florentine was extremely filling however this unique dish is still worth a try.

Moving on to the hearty hot savouries, a highlight of Goodwood Park's Victorian English Afternoon Tea is the Braised Pork with Stout in Hot Pot served with Homemade Brioche. This would be hands down my favourite dish among all the buffet has to offer, as I enjoyed how the soft brioche has a sweet taste that complements the savoury stew extremely well. Surprisingly, the small pieces of pork present in the stew were not too fatty, allowing me to dig in for more without feeling too heavy.

The Cottage Pie is a classic favourite that is not to be left out as well. Traditionally made with lamb meat, L'Espresso takes a twist on this traditional comfort food by using beef bolognese sauce in their Cottage Pie. This would another favourite dish of mine.

The Toad in the Hole refers to a classic sausage baked in a pastry. Being a fan of sausages, I personally enjoyed this bite-sized dish but was more excited with the creative name of the dish.

I love having my Fish and Chips with malt vinegar which is the traditional way of having Fish and Chips. However, I found this British classic pretty average and my advice would be to not "waste too much space" on it.

Now onto my favourite part of Afternoon tea; satisfying my sweet tooth! I started the dessert section with the Bread and Butter Pudding which I found catered to my liking because it was rich yet not too sweet.

The Treacle tart is a must try at the Victorian English Afternoon Tea. I found the tart to be very sweet and dense with a roasted aftertaste. I would not complain about the sweetness of the tart, which can be washed down with the accompanying tea of your choice. This is especially catered for those who love their desserts extra sweet.

No afternoon tea is complete without scones. Known for their scones, I tried the blueberry and raisin scones for myself. I personally prefer my scones to be crumbly and I was a little let down with this one due to its dense texture that resembles a slice of gardenia bread. Though I must compliment L'Espresso for the variety of assorted jams they offer to complement their scones.

There's also a pancake station, where you can see fluffy pancakes being made fresh right in front of you! I personally really enjoyed this with some butter and maple syrup.

This decadent themed tea menu is available at the same price of $48++ per adult and $24++ per child from Fridays to Sundays, eve of and on public holidays; and $45++ per adult and $22.50 per child from Mondays to Thursdays. The price includes two servings of freshly brewed coffee or tea from a selection of premium coffee and TWG Tea.

Who says you can only drink tea during afternoon tea? Guests can choose to accompany their afternoon tea with a glass of champagne at $72++ per adult from Fridays to Sundays, eve of and on public holidays, or $68++ per adult from Mondays to Thursdays.

Do remember to make reservations via phone at +65 6730 1743, email at or online at

L'Espresso at Goodwood Park Hotel

Address: 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221

English Afternoon Tea:

(Mon - Thurs) 2pm - 5.30pm;

(Fri-Sun & PH) 12noon - 2.30pm (1st seating), 3pm - 5.30pm (2nd seating)

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