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The Source Bulk Foods, Cluny Court

Imagine a store where you can buy all sorts of premium whole foods and healthy (or decadent) snacks, but in any amount you want.

Introducing The Source Bulk Foods. All the way from Australia, the store in Cluny Court, a stone’s throw away from Botanic Gardens MRT, carries more than 350 different products. This includes plenty of pantry staples and tasty treats. The big selling point is you’re able to buy only as you need. For example, if you need to buy only 100g of rice, you can. The store promotes a zero waste goal to support sustainable living.

There are three steps to buying anything from The Source:

  1. Grab a bag and write the product code of the product you want.

  2. Fill up the bag with as much or as little of the product you like.

  3. Weigh the bag at the cashier and pay.

The store encourages shoppers to bring your own bag, container or jar. Friendly staff will help weigh your carry-on, and subtract the weight difference. Of course, there’s refillable jars and bottles (from $0.75) for sale too.

And yes, there are vegan, paleo, organic, and gluten-free options for many of the foodstuff here.

Some of the highlights include white chocolate-coated freeze-dried strawberries ($8 per 100g) and moon macadamias ($7.25 per 100g), which are Australian macadamias roasted in honey toffee then coated with milk chocolate and white chocolate. Also perfect for snaking are sugar-free Gummy Bears ($4 per 100g).

Different varieties of honey are available, sourced directly from Australia. Choose from either Raw Brushbox Australian Honey or Raw Whitebox Australian Honey, with a slight difference in flavour. The staff will be more than happy to let you sample each flavour before purchase. In fact, you’re able to sample just about everything in the store.

You’ll go nuts with the amount of nuts available to stuff yourself with. Some of them come in organic and “activated” variants. According to The Source, “activated” is to “release the nuts naturally occurring enzyme inhibitors”. Activated nuts are soaked for 12 hours in filtered water, rinsed, then dehydrated for 24 hours at a temperature not exceeding 40ºC.

The Source also grounds their own butter in-store ($4.95 per 210g jar). My favourite is the pure cashew butter that I’ve been enjoying by the scoopful on its own, but they also have cashew coconut and everybody’s preferred peanut butter in smooth, medium or crunchy consistency. The machine is cleaned daily for hygienic purposes.

Only the Singapore store has kombucha ($1.29 per 100 ml) sourced from Singapore brewery Wild Boocha. Choose either the Yuzu Lavender, Raspberry Passionfruit or Cucumber Melon flavours. There’s also more interesting and experimental flavours coming soon to the store that I’m eager to try.

At corner of the shop was something that really took me by surprise — household essentials like soap, shampoo (from $7.50), dish washing powder ($1.35 per 100g) and laundry power ($1.25 per 100g) are available here too, at any quantity you prefer. These are all made with environmentally friendly natural ingredients and gentle on your skin and clothes.

Other foodstuff available to choose from include a wide range of pasta and rice, molasses, all sorts of broth powder, spices… honestly, there’s just so many products here that it’s difficult to write them all out. You’ll just have to pay them a visit and see for yourself.

There’s also a fuss-free membership programme. Simply give your name and telephone number, and you’re signed up for 5% rebate every time you shop at the store. The entire process took me only a minute, and I didn’t even have to fill up a form.

The Source Bulk Foods

501 Bukit Timah Road, Cluny Court,

#01-05A, Singapore 259760

+65 6974 0943

Opening Hours:

Daily 8am - 8pm

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