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The Sisters Kelvingrove, Glasgow

Photo from The Sister's official Facebook page | Interior of the restaurant

Recently, I visited The Sisters Kelvingrove located in West End of Glasgow to try their February Thursday Taster Menu showcasing their new and innovative renditions of traditional Scottish dishes and ingredients. The restaurant is elegant, comfortable but is not very large in size so I recommend making a booking well in advance before you head over.

So for the taster menu they offered us 7 dishes with the price of £22.50 per person! Quite a steal for the amount of amazing food we tried. In addition to drinks (I had their house white wine which was a Sauvignon Blanc), each person paid about £30 in total which I thought was very worth it. I was satisfyingly filled to the brim at the end of it and had to waddle home with a full tummy.

Photo by Food Notes Glasgow | First dish of the night!

The first dish served was scallops from Isle of Mull, on top of Ramsay's of Carluke black pudding, burnt cauliflower puree and crispy smoked bacon. This was absolutely delicious and a quintessential representation of a Scottish dish. The scallops were buttery which each bite, and the black pudding was savoury but not too over-powering. Altogether, it was a perfect marriage between all that and the combination of simple flavours of cauliflower and the saltiness of the bacon.

This was my favourite dish out of the lot! My only comment is that as a starter for a 7 course taster menu, this was relatively heavy. Delicious regardless, but quite heavy to start with!

Photo by Food Notes Glasgow | Second dish including the traditional Scottish haggis

Our second dish was the Ramsay's of Carluke haggis, homemade onion bhaji and pineapple chutney. Now, I'm not a huge fan of haggis, usually because of the texture and the dense flavour of it, but this haggis was small in size and was paired perfectly with the sweetness of the pineapple chutney and fried onion bhaji. I like it!

Photo by Samad | Soup in a coffee cup

Our third dish was mushroom veloute, presented in a very underwhelming manner I'm afraid. The mushroom veloute itself was nothing outstanding but still good. I love mushroom soups and although this one wasn't the best, it was still tasty. I kind of wish this was served first though and in a more glamorous manner.

Photo by Samad | A rendition of fish and chips

The fourth dish was The Sisters Kelvingrove's version of fish and chips! The fish was freshly battered and fried, then served with a lovely helping of shoe-string fries. Nothing was too oily, which is always my fear whenever I order fish and chips. The tartar sauce was yum too!

Photo by Food Notes Glasgow | Deconstructed pie!

The fifth dish was their play on Highland venison pie with creamed mash and roasted beetroot. I reckon this is my second favourite dish because it was a little bit more playful and interesting. The venison was super soft and tender, hardly any effort to chew it in the mouth! And those pastry sticks which replaced the actually pie pastry, together with the mash, venison and vegetables were delightful all together!

Photo by Food Notes Glasgow | First dessert

The second last dessert is chocolate and banana with caramelised banana and chocolate crumbs. This dessert was so delightful! I can only describe the texture of it as something like a mixture of mousse and marshmallows with some crunchy crumbs! Along with the caramelised banana, it was a lovely combination of different consistencies and dense, rich and buttery flavours from the dark chocolate and sweet banana.

Photo by Food Notes Glasgow | The last dish and dessert

We finished off our dinner with the a trio of Scottish cheese, apple, Arran chutney and homemade oatcake. At this point, I was already SO full that it was a challenge to finish this beautiful plate of savoury cheeses, but I did my best to eat everything on the plate. So the cheeses are generally quite salty, especially the cheddar (the one that looks like a sponge on the left), so everything went quite well with the crumbly oatcakes and sweet chutneys and grapes. It's quite heavy though so expect to be rolling away from the table after the dinner is over.

Overall, I enjoyed the The Sisters Kelvingrove! It's a beautiful restaurant, with impeccable service and lovely renditions of Scottish traditional dishes. I'd like to specifically highlight the service because the floor staff were wonderful! Very friendly, attentive and very well-spoken when explaining the dishes to us. Enjoyed the experience so much! Anyway, I would definitely recommend for anyone in Glasgow to pay a visit to The Sisters Kelvingrove. We paid £30 per person, £22.50 of it for the 7 course taster menu, which was definitely worth it, but regular prices for this restaurant range from £20 to £30 per main course which is a bit pricey to me. However if you'd like to enjoy some traditional Scottish food, then live a lil, splurge and give The Sisters a go!

The Sisters Kelvingrove​

36 Kelvingrove St, Glasgow G3 7RZ

Tel: 0141 564 1157


Opening Hours:

MONDAY - SATURDAY 12pm - 9.15pm (last food orders)

SUNDAY 12pm - 8.30pm (last food orders)




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