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The Salted Plum, Suntec City

Famed for its Southern-Taiwanese dishes, The Salted Plum has opened up its second outlet in Suntec City. As compared to its first outlet in Boat Quay/Circular Road area, the Suntec outlet is more spacious and sports a fun, street-esque ambience, a self-service system and new outlet-exclusive dishes.

But of course, the popular signatures from the Circular Road outlet will also be found here at Suntec, such as the Lu Rou 2.0 ($15). Why 2.0 you ask? Because this is a further enhanced version with The Salted Plum’s proprietary Haus Sauce 2.0. This baby can be served on its own or as a luscious topping on a lunch bowl or breakfast set.

On weekdays, from 8am to 11.30am, customers may enjoy for the outlet exclusive breakfast set menu featuring popular Taiwanese breakfast eats from just $5. Each breakfast set consists of either a comforting bowl of Mee Sua with Oysters or a fluffy Gua Bao with a choice of Lu Rou 2.0 or Burnt Chilli Chicken filling and Soya Bean Milk (served warm or chilled, sweeten or unsweetened).

And during the afternoon rush hour between 11.30am to 2.30pm, bountiful lunch bowls priced from $9 will be available. Served with a generous serving of rice mixed with lard and garlic oil, the lunch bowls come with your choice of toppings, including the Burnt Chilli Chicken, Lu Rou 2.0, Salmon Fresh AF and Fried Chicken.

Finally, from 6 to 9pm, look forward to savouring signature zi char and desserts for dinner. You may enjoy the a la carte dishes or pick a dinner set meals for 2 pax ($50) or 4 pax ($100).

Now you know all about The Salted Plum’s set meals, now it’s time to dive deeper into the dishes.

The Salmon Fresh AF ($15) is one of the new Suntec exclusive dishes, featuring pan-fried fresh salmon with leads, pickled daikon with a side of seaweed mayo.

Another Suntec exclusive dish is the Dou Miao ($15) or crunchy pea sprouts that are stir fried and served with chunks of house bacon.

Also exclusive to the Suntec outlet is the Cold Tofu ($10), a comforting chilled dish of silky tofu, haus soy sauce and topped with fried century egg and shallots.

Apart from these exclusive dishes, don’t forget to try some of the signature dishes here at The Salted Plum.

Another star pork belly dish is the Kao Rou ($15). Here, you’d get a plate of perfectly grilled pork belly that has been marinated in a secret sweet soy sauce mixture. This was easily one of my favourite dishes here. A definite must-try.

The Salted Plum has put in a little fusion twist into making Joey’s Lala ($15). The clams are stir-fried with a special Asian-Western fusion house-made pesto.

The Golden Shishamo ($10) is another favourite here. Although this is actually Japanese, but it is still a quintessential part of Taiwanese street-food.

Add some greens into your meal with the Long Bean ($10). This plate comes with stir-fried long beans and cubes of tua kwa (firm beancurd) in a house-made peanut sauce, which is then sprinkled with pork croutons.

Try the Mei Cai ($5), a thick umami-laden bowl of preserved mustard greens, shitake mushroom and pork belly that has been simmered in a haus soy sauce and garlic mixture.

he Mei Cai goes really well with the Sweet Potato Porridge ($2). Get your phones ready, because this bowl of porridge is purple in colour!

Don’t forget to end your dinner on a sweet notes with the Red Tea Jelly ($5). The Taiwanese are always very well-known for boba, so here you’d find a generous helping of chewy black sugar boba and cubes of red tea jelly in sweet cream.

The Salted Plum is the only zi char restaurant at Suntec City. And they’ve really pulled out all the stops to leave diners coming back for more

The Salted Plum 3 Temasek Boulevard

#B1-122A Suntec City Mall

Singapore 038983

#SuntecCity #promenade #TheSaltedPlum #ChineseFood #Taiwanesefood

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