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The Ministry of Wine

The Ministry of Wine, a new player in the ever growing e-commerce wine industry has officially launched this year offering more than 5,000 wine labels, bespoke services and of course, convenience of home delivery of your favourite vino.

Their amazing offering caters to a wide audience of Oenophiles (a.k.a. wine lovers); choose from their ultra-premium labels to their affordable but still delicious selections that can be delivered on the same day!

Shoppers can browse their e-catalog and search their favourite bottle by country, region, grape variety, vintage, price range and many more.

Bespoke services offered include palate profiling that provides recommendations based on personal preferences, past purchases and algorithms that uses the science behind the art of wine.

Experienced sommeliers known as ‘Ministers of Wine’ can also provide live online support for all your queries. Sort of like a live chat on all things wine. Pretty cool and unique!

The company is backed by the experience and expertise of Focus Dynamics Group Berhad, the same people that is involved in F&B establishments such as the ever-popular CHAZE, Lavo and MAZE, the Ministry of Wine is set to raise the bar on the business of wine for years to come.

Check them out here:

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