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The Majapahit, Arcoris Mont Kiara

The Majapahit is the perfect melting pot of Southeast Asian food, all under one roof and the latest addition to the lineup of F&B outlets at Arcoris Mont Kiara.

Not to mention, it’s a gorgeous place with a stunning interior that sets the scenes for dreams of the Instagram community.

But all that aside, it’s also a great place to grab a bite if you’re craving Indonesian, Thai or Malaysian food.

Marrying the three cultures, The Majapahit offers a wide selection of dishes that can truly be appreciated by locals and foreigners alike.

First up, we sampled the Curry Galore, an umami-filled platter of Thai Red Curry Beef, Thai Green Curry Chicken, Indonesian Squid Curry and Malaysian Prawn Curry, served with a side of Chapati & Cassava Crackers.

This dish alone is enough to spark intense binging habits. Once you start, you just can’t stop. We were most impressed by the Thai Red Curry Beef and Indonesian Squid Curry. The Malaysian Prawn Curry was a little sweet, but was sufficiently spicy.

Pair the curries with The Maha Rice Royale, a tasting platter of The Majapahit’s fried rice dishes: Thai

Pineapple Fried Rice, Thai Fried Rice, Malaysian Kampung Fried Rice and Indonesian Fried Rice.

The pineapple fried rice is an easy favourite but we still gravitated towards the Malaysian Kampung Fried Rice to enjoy our Curry with.

The Majapahit is the kind of place that is best visited with 2-3 friends so you can try as much food as possible - all perfectly presented in sharing platters. We also tried the Royal Wings, which is a trio of crisp-skin chicken wings tossed in Indonesian Sweet Sauce, Malaysian Spicy Sambal and Thai Sauce. Our favourite was the Indonesian sweet sauce! We just couldn’t get enough of it.

At this point, we were already quite stuffed but the food at The Majapahit is just so appetising that we couldn’t resist trying other dishes like the Coconut Butter Chicken, a rich stew of tender chicken pieces, cooked with blend of ground. Though similar to the Chinese style butter chicken, this adds a little punch with its coconut twist and Thai influence.

Also not to be missed here is the Crispy Flying Fish, a popular dish in Indonesia. The flying fish is served with sweet-and-spicy dark sauce. The fish alone was so tasty that we didn’t quite need the sauce. But when paired together, the two make an undeniable winning combination.

Of course, no Southeast Asian meal is complete without soup! We had the Spicy Seafood Tom Yam with sea bass, squid & prawns. LOVED it! It was very spicy but still carried so much flavour in a spoonful that we enjoyed every sip of it! And just because we lacked a bit of green in our meal for the day, we had a Thai Stir-fried Baby Kailan.

We would recommend rounding off your meal with the perfect Vietnamese drip coffee - it is just the thing to perk you up from the food coma you will definitely be experiencing from a meal here at The Majapahit.

The Majapahit has quickly grown to be Mont Kiara’s hottest restaurant in town and it’s easy to see why.

As for parking, due to the poorly designed building and parking structure, we’d suggest parking at Shoplex and walking over.

The Majapahit

Lot No. G8, G9 & G10, G Level,


No. 10, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara,

50480 Kuala Lumpur

Open daily from 12PM - 12:30AM

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