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The HotPot, Publika

Hotpot, or steamboat, is really one of my favourite things to have. It’s the ultimate comfort food. That’s why when I heard of The HotPot Publika, I had to try it!

Disclaimer: It isn’t a buffet hotpot. So leave those expectations at the door.

The HotPot is located at a quieter part of Publika (which is actually more accurately known as Solaris Dutamas). If you’re not familiar with the place, it might be hard to find it. But if you’re familiar with the place, it’s really near Namoo on the Park.

The first thing to note about The Hotpot is that it is non-halal. So you can get your fix of all the pork you want here with sake pairings! But what I really want to highlight about this place is the sheer freshness of its ingredients and density of flavour in its broths.

The menu can be overwhelming with so many things to choose from. This place is ideal for dining if you’re eating as a party of 4. You get to try a decent selection of their offerings and it won’t break the bank (too much).

What’s interesting here is that they don’t follow the typical style of steamboat, but rather, borrow a good mix of Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Chinese hotpot culture. The chef is Cantonese, which would explain the expertise in the freshly made fuchok, fish balls and meat balls.

The Taiwanese hint of influence is found in their sauce. Mix a bit of fermented soy paste, coriander, birds eye chilli, vinegar and some other sauces to suit your tastebuds.

The Chinese (as in Mainland China) bit is found in the ma la soup (which you can choose the spicyness level of). We went with the mildest option and because we’re all so hopeless with spicy food, this proved to be too spicy for us. But delicious, nonetheless. Having tried ma la soup in Beijing, this is comparable.

Dining here can be pricey, with soup bases alone starting from RM25. I personally loved the pork broth and curry laksa. But there are vegetarian options like the miso soup. You order the dishes a la carte from RM8 (like vegetables) to RM45 (thinly sliced marble beef).

Only after trying the food did I realise the justification for such pricing. Every dish was fresher than the last and everything is prepared in-house daily. Don’t expect to see any of those frozen fish balls here. Every dish is prepared with as much care as possible.

Due to this, each dish comes in limited quantities. So come early to avoid disappointment. Some dishes sell out really quickly!

We’d recommend making a reservation, especially on weekends, as this place gets really busy. Yes, it’s a little bit more expensive than other hotpot places, but you honestly get what you pay for. Higher prices do actually equal higher quality ingredients here at The Hotpot Publika.

The HotPot Publika

D1-G4-9 Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 KL.

Open 6PM - 12AM daily, closed on Mondays.

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