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The Great Meat Feast 2018 @ The Carvery, Park Hotel Alexandra

It’s that time of the year again, when The Carvery hosts its third annual “The Great Meat Feast”! Steady those knives and forks, as they yet again present a fine and prime selection of beef from around the world. And this time, from the likes of Australia, Uruguay and Japan. Having heard raving reviews from our fellow writers at Foodie Vs The World about last year's "The Great Meat Feast", we just had to make our way down to Park Hotel Alexandra once again this year, where The Carvery is currently at, for a sneak preview.

This year, the unique meats each undergo different ways of being prepared and presented, which can be enjoyed with light seasoning of different salts, house-made sauces and butter to bring out its full potential and natural taste.

The first beef that was brought in was the Yukimuro Snow-Aged Wagyu Beef from Japan. Known for its intrinsic marbling, texture and intense flavour, it is aged in a Yukimuro, or known as a snow cellar, where natural snow is used to produce consistent low temperature and high humidity conditions, resulting in a more tender and intense snow-aged beef. The chef selects the Rump Cap cut and seasons it with salt, then roasts it before finishing it with a woodfire oven for a slight smoky flavour.

It is palatable, firm yet soft, and has a slightly stronger beef taste. We would highly recommend asking the chef for cuts with higher fat content for the more tender “melt-in-your-mouth” texture! However, do take note that this cut is only available on the weekends (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) so it’ll be worth your while paying a visit for a weekend dinner if you enjoy beef with a stronger oomph.

The 150 Days Grain-Fed Beef City Black from Australia, commonly known as the Black Angus beef, heralds from the topnotch Beef City in New South Wales. This choice cut is world-famous and popular in high-end restaurants worldwide. The Tomahawk cut is prepared “dirty-styled”, as it is roasted directly on coals in wood-fired oven to mature a charred taste in the meat.

It is firm in texture and definitely heavy on the smoky flavour, and yet savoury in taste! It is paired well with their handcrafted red wine butter and porcini sauce, and we do suggest to enjoy it in its natural taste before pairing the condiments sparingly to enhance its flavour. Salt or veal jus are some recommended condiments to pair this with, if you prefer to do so.

Next up, we were presented with the Tajima Wagyu from Australia, and it originates from the Hyogo prefecture in Japan. The Tajima Crossbred Wagyu beef was launched by Andrews Meat Industries in 2007 in Australia which was known for one of the best agricultural landscapes. The Carvery will be highlighting a few cuts, namely the Tajima Wagyu Tri Tip seared on a salt slab and Tajima Wagyu Bolar Blade pulled beef ala minute.

The Tajima Wagyu Tri Tip seared on salt slab is surprisingly sweet, juicy and succulent, and having it seared on the Himalayan salt slab to enhance this cut was a stroke of genius. It is great on its own, however add a dash of their unique salts and you’re good to go!

My personal favourite highlight of the Great Meat Feast would be the Tajima Wagyu Bolar Blade Pulled Beef, which is shredded ala minute (as per order). Bourbon BBQ sauce is added to further enhance the aroma, while it is being shredded, and the red cabbage slaw complements the meat to a perfect “T”.

For the sneak preview, we were lucky to have the Yorkshire pudding as a base for the dish, however during the Great Meat Feast, buns would be offered instead, which is quite a pity as we can’t even begin to put in words how exquisite and excellent the Bolar Blade Pulled Beef is. We can only say, do hop on down as soon as you can! The Feast does offer a widespread selection of choice starters, hot dishes, cheese selections, desserts spread and wines ($12++ per glass, $60++ per bottle) such as Montes Alpha Carbernet Sauvignon 2014 and Rimapere Sauvignon Blanc 2014 just to name a few.

Apart from all the meat, the special buffet dinner also includes fresh seafood, cold cuts and more!

The Carvery will also be retailing some of the choice cuts such as the Beef City Black Tomahawk (Approx. 2kg, $55.50 per kg), Tajima Wagyu Tri Tip (Approx. 1.5kg, $74.50 per kg). They are vacuum-packed for convenience and will be available for cash-and-carry with limited stocks! There are cheese selections for retail as well. The special buffet dinner is from 28th September to 21 October 2018, and you can enjoy it for $78++ (Mondays – Thursdays) and $88++ (Fridays to Sundays). Children aged 5 to 12 years old get to enjoy the buffet at $38++ the whole week! It’s more than justifiable to make reservations for the weekend buffet dinner as that is only when the Yukimuro Snow-Aged Beef is available.

A fine great meat feast it was indeed, and we hope you’ll be there this year!

The Carvery Park Hotel Alexandra, 323 Alexandra Road Level 7, Singapore 159972 Operating Hours: Mondays – Sundays: 6:30pm – 10:00pm Reservations: +65 6828 8880



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