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  • Nicole Voon

TCC – The Connoisseur Concerto Christmas Special

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Available from 16 November to 3 January 2021, TCC – The Connoisseur Concerto has a limited-time Christmas Wonderland menu that includes two newly curated turkey based main courses, a decadent selection of log cakes, and uniquely handcrafted beverages.

TCC sent over one of their decadent log cakes for us to trythe Choco Coffee Surprise ($45/750g).

The decor is absolutely adorable and made me more excited for Christmas!

So what's the "surprise" in this Choco Coffee Surprise? Beneath its cute, Santa-themed exterior, you'll find decadent Valrhona dark chocolate infused with only the finest Arabica coffee beans, all weaved lavishly between a sea-salt caramel curd and a crunchy base.

I loved how rich the chocolate was. You could definitely taste the difference compared to conventional chocolate. But I couldn't taste much of the coffeeI expected a stronger coffee taste. The sea-salt caramel curd was definitely a surprise and blends well with the rich chocolate mousse. The base was of course a different texture, I had trouble trying to cut it with the cake as it was a wee bit too hard.

If you're up for trying any of TCC's decadent log cakes, they have two more flavours to choose from: Nutty Choco Fantasy ($55/1kg) and Snowy Wonderland ($55/1kg).

Do check out their Christmas menu or log cakes at any of their 13 outlets & let's have #ChristmaswithTCC !

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Instagram : @dtccsg

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