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The Butcher’s Kitchen, Suntec City

“You are what you eat. But do you know what you’re eating?” These are words to live by from the folks over at The Butcher’s Kitchen. With way too animals being bred and force fed hormones to speed up meat production, do you really know what you’re eating?

The thing I love most about The Butcher’s Kitchen is that they pride themselves in serving you the best of the best meat cuts. So none of those antibiotic and/or hormone-filled meats here.

The Butcher’s Kitchen is also a brand new extension of The Butcher in Suntec City Mall that opened just earlier this month. And as a grand opening special, you’d get to enjoy all the rice bowls here for $11.90.

First, we had The Butcher’s Flaming Hokkaido Beef Bowl (UP: $23.90). There are so many things that I love about this! One, was that the bowl was literally on fire. And it’s not just for theatrics or that amazing insta-worthy moment. The flame helps to caramalised the cognac with the meat, giving it a nice subtle “wok hei” hint.

As promised, the beef was amazing. It didn’t have a super gamey taste. Instead, (this might sound odd) but it tasted sort of refreshing to me. The beef was flown in all the way from Hokkaido, where it’s cold there and the beef cattle would naturally develop more fats. Plus, the grass-fed cattle was in an area with fresher and cleaner water than you can find here in Singapore!

Next, we had The Butcher’s Pork Bowl (UP: $12.90). I’m not usually a fan of pork here in Singapore, because I tend to find that pork dishes here have a strong porky taste. But this was not the case with this dish.

The pork was free-range and flown in all the way from Australia, where it was fed a natural diet and reared in a vast, unspoilt landscape with clean air and water. The pork meat was grilled Thai-style with a marinade that boasts garlic and lemongrass flavours. This dish also comes with The Butcher Kitchen’s homemade Thai chilli sauce that tasted amazing! This was easily my favourite dish of the night.

And lastly, we had The Butcher’s Salmon Bowl (UP: $13.90). The salmon is farmed in Norway and uses an innovative nutritious fish feed, which allowed the salmon there to earn the “Good Alternative” rating by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. This is a super big deal as it’s a rare endorsement for farmed salmon.

Apparently, the salmon was so fresh that it’s sashimi quality! So, the salmon is only lightly seared such that only a thin layer of the fish is cooked on the outside, and the inside remains raw(ish) and juicy. I liked that this rice bowl has a nice Japanese zing to it.

You can even come by The Butcher, which is right next door, just to buy some meat cuts for yourself and cook them back home! And if you’re lazy to cook (or not a good cook), you can hand-pick your own cut and have the fine people over here cook your picked meat for you.

Another plus point about this place is that the food here is priced reasonably. You don’t have to bend over backwards just to have a taste of good meat.

The Butcher’s Kitchen Suntec City Mall (Tower 2) #02-472 Singapore 038989

Operating hours: Mondays to Fridays: 11am to 3pm; 5pm to 9pm (last order 8.30pm) Saturdays & Sundays: 11am to 9pm (last order 8.30pm)

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