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The Burg, Damansara Utama

In Malaysia and especially in Kuala Lumpur, we’re most definitely not short of the best street food that SouthEast Asia has to offer. From simple goreng pisang to lok-lok to even grilled sambal stingray, the array of midnight cuisines provides variety for any peckish Malaysian looking for a late night snack.

Today, we’re introducing you to a new member of the burger community, The Burg Malaysia! Located in Uptown Damansara, this new player offers deliciously crunchy chicken burgers, with your choice of homemade sauces.

When Waze-ing to this destination, take note that the location pin will bring you to Standard Chartered nearby Starling. It’s however situated just next to the bank. A blue tent emerges from the corners of Standard Chartered and a hawker centre, where you can find the talented chefs of The Burg cooking their succulent burgers! It’s an outdoor establishment, with seats in the alley where you can sit down and enjoy your choice of 4 delicious burgers.

There are 4 variations to The Burg’s chicken burgers. You can choose between Roasted Sesame, Japanese Curry, Buttermilk and Salted Egg. We tried them all and the consensus were that the Buttermilk was the top player as chicken pairs beautiful with buttermilk. In second place was Japanese Curry followed by Roasted Sesame and Salted Egg. However, they were all delicious and fried to a crispy perfection! It really depends on your preference but for myself, Buttermilk was the way to go.

Let’s not forget the price point of these dishes shall we. Ready for the big reveal? This substantially sized fresh chicken burger served with a side of fries is only priced at RM10! YES. RM10. You read that right! That’s completely insane and such a bargain for what you’re served! I could eat 3 of these in a sitting a still feel as though I didn’t burn a hole my wallet!

So honestly y’all, head down to The Burg in Uptown Damansara, order yourself a chicken burger with you favourite sauce and ENJOY! Fyi, The Burg team will be introducing a spicy chicken burger eventually so watch their spaces for updates on that.

The Burg

26, Jalan SS 21/39,

Damansara Utama,

47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening Hours:

5:30pm - 12.30am



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