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Tempo Tea Bar New Menu Launch Party, Glasgow

In celebration of this amazing summer and the rare occasion of the glorious sun shining over Glasgow for more than a month now, I wanted to share some exciting news with you about what Tempo Tea Bar and owner, May Gem, has in store for the future of Scotland's favourite bubble tea franchise!

Recently, Tempo Tea Bar hosted a Menu Launch/Taste Test Party at the Strathclyde Student Union in conjunction with a fun K-pop dance party. While listening to the latest summer K-Pop hits, I chowed down on what looked like potential food items to be added into a brand new Tempo Menu. They've already revamped their Bubble Tea selections to make it more focused on the brewing of tea, with combinations of more fruits and fresh produce.

During the party, they served tasters of their new Lychee Black Bubble Tea and several selections of flavoured popping boba. Personally, I feel that you can never go wrong with lychee!

Tempo Tea Bar is now also thinking of including interesting new foods in addition to the already booming Foodie Landscape of Glasgow. We got samples of what the team is considering to add onto the menu however, they strongly hope for loyal Tempo customers to contribute their suggestions and feedback as they only want to serve the freshest and the best! They will be potentially collaborating with a few smaller food business such as Mama Del's Filipino Street Food who cooks up delicious Filipino street food (which I think is brilliant because I don't think there're much Filipino food options in Glasgow just yet and they may pioneer the scene); Umami by Nigel S., who is known for their steamed buns with pork belly, kimchi and all that Japanese Korean fusion goodness (with plenty of vegan options as well); and Lesley San Patisserie, who serves up amazing sweet cake rolls and coconut mango panna cotta! It was totally a feast for the eyes and the tummy!​







​The party was awesome and we had amazing food, delicious bubble tea and even performances by singer and brand ambassador, Magnus, as well as dance groups PRISM and Soulclan too. What a great way to kick off a new chapter to Tempo Tea Bar! I'm excited to see what they will cook up soon with their new menu.

Tempo Tea Bar 83 Queen St, Glasgow G1 3DA Opening Hours: SUN - THURS 11am - 7pm FRI - SAT 11am - 8pm Website:




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