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Telok Ayer Arts Club, McCallum St

Telok Ayer Arts Club is a newly revamped multi-purpose venue that brings together the best things in life - food, art, people and drinks. Formerly “SPRMRKT”, the team behind The Supermarket Company has turned this F&B outlet into a creative bar that comes with an artistic touch.

The Telok Ayer Arts Club greets its customers with a minimalist 70’s inspired bar decor coupled with bright lights - giving it a very excitable atmosphere.

I was first served the “Tau Huey Chui” ($16) which is a cocktail inspired by the local “tau huey”. The drink is made from Reyka Vodka, Frangelico, Butterscotch, Kaya & Soya Beancurd. At first sip, I immediately recognised that they used the brand “lao ban” soya bean as a base to this cocktail. What I liked about this cocktail was that it had the right level of sweetness and went down very easily. Do not be fooled by its sweet taste, this cocktail is a silent killer!

To ensure we didn’t continue drinking on an empty stomach, we started on the food. For starters, we had the Tomato & Tofu ($14) made with miso, shiitake pesto, red wine vinegar, parmesan. I found the taste of this dish very interesting, it had a strong “umami” aftertaste. The tofu pieces made this dish very filling.

Next we had the Dumpling ($11) filled with pork, chicken, bocconcini cheese, coriander & basil mayo. The dumplings is such a typical comfort food and of course, this dish went great with drinks. Notably, the size of the dumplings here are bigger than the average dumplings found elsewhere.

The last of the starters was the Octopus & Shrimp ($18). Although I am not a big fan of octopus, I must say the octopus here was very tender and had no “rubbery” texture. This dish changed my perception of eating BBQ octopus. The shrimp also tasted fresh and I found that the condiments served with this dish, such as the cucumber and grape tomatoes on the side, gave this dish a refreshing touch.

Moving on to the salads, I had the Nicoise Salad ($17), which is surprisingly filling on its own. The tuna was seared nicely and the size of the dish was surprisingly substantial. Personally, I could have this dish as a main.

Next was the Mediterranean Couscous ($15) served with grilled corn, avocado, sunburst tomato, olives, cucumber, cheese curd, pine nuts, hummus. I believe the price point of this dish is what really makes it a winner. For the portion, I would consider the value of this dish super reasonable.

The Telok Ayer Arts Club serves pastas as well as part of their extensive menu. I tried the Seafood Fettuccine ($25) which contains a variety of seafood - from little neck clams to crabmeat as well as baby squid. It is a very light pasta with a taste that is not too overpowering.

For the mains, I had the Cauliflower Steak ($19) made with huge chunks of cauliflower and a strong serving of smoked paprika powder. Personally I am not a fan of vegetables, but this dish did entice my taste buds and I found myself going for second servings. Vegetarians, do give this dish a try, I highly recommend it!

Those looking for something a little on the heavier side will want to try the Locally Bred Spatchcock ($28), which was served with a side of bacon on top of mashed potatoes and drizzled with red wine jus. I found the chicken meat tender and the bacon not too salty. The mashed potatoes and red wine jus were a great combination. The portion of this dish is bigger compared to the rest of the main courses, perfect for hearty eaters.

Lastly we had the Steak Frites ($29) a classic dish not to be missed. For the quantity and quality of the beef, this dish is value for your money. Everyone at the table was raving on abuot how the garlic fries should be served as a side dish on its own, which is a testament to how good it is.

Lastly, for dessert we had the Baked Chocolate Pudding ($10) served with salted caramel sauce, coconut crumble and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. Although I am not a big fan of salted caramel, I felt that this sauce tasted better than other salted caramel sauces I have tasted. The fluffy chocolate pudding and vanilla ice cream neutralised the sweetness of the sauce and made the dessert not too “gelak” to carry on eating.

Although I did not get the chance to try all the cocktails, I was already fairly impressed with the one I did try. The next time I patronise the place, I will be sure to try the other cocktails that caught my eye, such as the Singapore Sling and Jungle Bird.

The bar has also reinvented classic cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan and Bloody Mary.

Overall, I found the food absolutely delicious and I loved how creativity and the elements of art were reflected in the cocktails they offer.

It is interesting to note that the seasonal offerings on the menu are co-related to the ongoing art exhibitions which means that they are only available for a limited time only! This also means that customers can enjoy an entirely different experience at every visit.

Telok Ayer Arts Club

Address: 2 McCallum Street, Singapore 069043

Contact: +65 6221 0712



Social Media Handles:@telokayerartsclub on Facebook & Instagram

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11.00am – 11.00pm


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