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Tapas Club @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Having opened two successful branches in Singapore and Indonesia, Tapas Club has opened it's third outlet right here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Now there's no need of a hassle to travel all the way to Spain to savour classic Spanish flavours as the people behind Tapas Club has brought the whole experience to Malaysia. Even more so with having two world acclaimed Spanish chefs, Chef Alonso and Chef Berganza to cook up a storm for you fellow tapas enthusiast.

Chef Berganza also happens to be the first Spanish chef in the United States to receive a Michelin star rating through Andananda in New York.

The food these chefs crafted is definitely made just as how a traditional Spaniard would have theirs. Even the interior design and decorations mimics a traditional Spanish restaurant.

A Spanish meal always starts off right with an order of Tortilla de Patatas (RM19). This is a traditional Spanish omelette with eggs and potatoes being it's core ingredient. This dish is made up of a good portion of potatoes, which were then blended with eggs, and cooked to a fluffy perfection.

Patatas Bravas (RM19) is another crowd favourite. This was well-seasoned and the flavours were rather exciting, as it slightly resembled a smoked dish. The Patatas Bravas is topped with a generous amount of aioli and brava sauce (a mix of tomato and paprika) as well as a secret house ingredient, which made this dish taste very interesting.

If you are looking for a snack whilst having a couple of pints of beer, you shouldn't miss out on their Chipirones con Habitas y Butifarra (RM27), which basically is deep-fried baby squid with fava beans and butifarra sauce.

A signature and recommended dish to have is the Garlic Prawns (RM26) served with toasts. This dish was the star of the night with the nice garlicky flavours in the light sauce that drenched the prawns.

Tender Iberico pork and Spanish sausages are air flown directly from Spain to the Tapas Club, so do not miss ordering this amazing combo of Chorizo Iberico &Toasted pumpkin (RM29) and their recommended Grilled Iberico Pork (RM55).

Paella (Pronounced as pa-ye-ya) is an ancient dish which is originated from the city named Valencia. We had a Squid Ink Paella (RM78) served traditionally in a Paella pan. As squid ink has it's own distinctive taste, it may not be favourable to many. But, fret not because there are also paella in other different flavours such as Chicken and Seafood Paella (RM78), Chorizo Paella (RM78) or the Vegetarian Paella (RM60).

And here we are ending our meal with their signature 'Tapas Club' Cheesecake (RM28) that features rich and creamy cream cheese served with crumble, combined with some tanginess from the berry, all dulcified with a slight drizzle of caramel.

Last but not least, a meal isn't complete if one does not order this traditional (and popular) Spanish dessert. The Churros con Chocolate (RM20) were soft in the inside with a nice crisp on the outside, then coated with a mix of sugar and cinnamon spice. This comes with a side of rich velvety chocolate sauce for you to dip the churros in.

We were definitely spoilt with a magnificent Spanish dining experience. We definitely love the concept and it is definitely a perfect place to host events and parties.

The prices here are kept affordable despite the premium dining experience to make this more accessible to all.

So gather your family and friends and embark on a Spanish culinary experience here at Tapas Club, Kuala Lumpur.

Tapas Club, Level 7, Dining Loft, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Facebook: Instagram: tapasclubmsia

Operating hours: 10.30AM-11PM Daily

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