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Tablescape, Grand Park City Hall

Grand Park City Hall is getting a makeover, and part of their first wave of unveiling the new look is Tablescape, a modern european restaurant headed by Executive Chef Robert Chan in the heart of City Hall. From the neoclassical design to modern European dishes served and its table-side trolley service, Tablescape connects tradition and modernity in a unified “landscape”.

We start of with a simple starter that people usually take for granted, the bread trolley. All the breads here at Tablescape are made fresh in-house everyday and you can definitely tell by the crunchy exterior and soft centers. The breads do rotate seasonally but some favourites like their onion bread, which was amazing, are around all the time and gives you something to munch on while you wait for your dishes.

On to our plated dishes, first, we had the Salmon Gravlax with Vegetable Shavings, Lemon Myrtle Oil and Cream Cheese Ice Cream (S$16++). The mix of flavours were amazing, from the salty cured salmon, to the citrus bite of the lemon, to the creamy cream cheese. It was refreshing and light yet savoury and hefty with each bite I take. It was luxurious!

The Veal Sweetbread in 2-Minute Pea Soup with Ceps Mushroom Ragù (S$18++) might be the only pea soup that I’ll ever enjoy. The peas are plucked fresh from pods, ensuring the sweetness of the flavour. The sweet hearty soup, paired with the veal sweetbread and ceps mushroom ragú balances it out with is savouriness.

One of my favourites was the Steak Tartare & Crispy Battered Poached Egg (S$24++). The switch from raw to poached egg was Chef Robert’s desire to create a steak tartare that wasn’t just cold and soft. And I really loved the mix of texture and the warm yolk mixed with the steak tartare that kept the meaty flavours from being too much.

The Prosciutto Ham Wrapped Monkfish and Maine Lobster on Risotto in Armagnac Lobster Bisque (S$38++) had a hearty flavour of the sea. I liked that the Prosciutto added a savoury tinge that kept the seafood from being too overwhelming with a crunchy bacon bite from the otherwise soft lobster and monkfish.

And finally, the Milk-Fed Veal stuffed with Foie Gras, Duxelles and Sage with Cauliflower Mimosa and Madeira Jus (S$38++) may look like a simple dish, but the flavours were anything but. The veal was juicy with just a bit of chewiness, which contrast nicely with the crunchy breaded exterior. I personally love foie gras and liked how it added an extra exotic taste to this dish.

We started with a trolley and now we end with another one. Tablescape's Dessert Trolley ($12++) is a beautiful sight. From sweet classics like Carrot Cake and Black Forest, to quirky confections like their Spicy Mango with a pink peppercorn center, that will definitely add a little thrill to your regular sweets.

Classic with a contemporary twist, Tablescapes nails every layer of texture and taste. With their excellent intimate trolley service, to their hearty modern European dishes, it’s an excellent place to indulge yourself or with that special someone.


Grand Park City Hall

10 Coleman Street, Level 3



Lunch–12.00pm to 2.30pm,

Dinner–6.00pm to 10.30pm


5.30pm to 1.00am

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