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Sushiro, Tiong Bahru Plaza

If you love kaiten-sushi (“conveyor-belt sushi”), you will be delighted to know that Japan’s top-reigning kaiten-sushi restaurant, Sushiro, has recently launched in Singapore at Tiong Bahru Plaza! With a perpetual fondness for all things Japanese (plus Sushiro has such a prominent reputation in Japan), we were definitely excited to see what Sushiro has in store for us for its initial local launch.

A stunning preview of what Sushiro has to offer.

Sushiro's seating capacity of 162, showcasing the kaiten and automated delivery system.

As the first outlet in Southeast Asia, the Singapore outlet will be offering a colossal selection of 100 different sushi and side dishes, which is a feat in itself. It’ll also mean that a plethora of choices in Sushiro that you’ll never likely be bored of! Sushiro not only prides itself on using the very ingredients the Japanese outlets themselves use, Sushiro strives for quality over quantity. Utilising technology such as an IC chip at the bottom of each plate, Sushiro collects data regarding customers’ preference and the freshness of each product, removing a plate after it travels for 350m on the conveyor belt; reducing food wastage as well!

Close up of the kaiten in Sushiro.

Not only is there a kaiten, or “conveyor belt” in which the sushi travels on the belt and thereby picking your desired choice off the belt, Sushiro has an automated delivery system in which your selected choices on the electronic device are sent to your seats when they are ready! These two automated services made for a fuss-free dining experience, for whichever picks your fancy.

Choose your own adventure in Sushiro.

From bottom left to right: arkshell, ikura, tuna, mekajiki, yellowtail, uni and otoro sushi. Featuring exclusive Sushiro merchandise.

We tried the four handpicked popular sushi dishes, which are going at promotional prices or their launch in Singapore: a single piece of otoro (fatty tuna) sushi goes for $2.20++, a pair of mekajiki (swordfish) sushi goes for $2.20++, a duo of akagai (ark-shell) sushi goes for $2.20++ and two uni (sea urchin) sushi goes for $4.80++, value prices for prime sushi!

Unfiltered goodness, oh-so-tender otoro that melts without a bite!

You're in luck if you love strong-tasting uni!

They were most definitely fresh and each has its own distinct winning qualities. However, we found the uni to be stronger in aftertaste than usual. Do note that there’s no limit to how many plates you would like to order, but it's while stocks last!

Featuring tuna sushi, glistening with freshness and its sublime texture.

Raw, juicy ikura eagerly waiting to pop in your mouth. Fan favourites such as tuna sushi ($2.20++), yellowtail sushi ($3.30++) and ikura (salmon roe) sushi ($3.20++) are also being offered at the Singapore outlet. All three are quality at best and you could almost taste the Japan seas from these beloved sushi.

Don't be fooled by how simple it looks, definitely a must try.

As for personal recommendations for fellow sushi gourmands, I highly endorse the Mapo Eggplant sushi for its lovely texture and modest hit of spice, although it would definitely be a lot more gratifying with more of that Mapo meat sauce. I'm no fan of aubergines myself, but this certainly made me feel otherwise.

Colder than your ex, but gratifying than the next!

Another must-try for collagen-devouts is the Cold Chawanmushi ($3.50++). Yes that’s right, it’s cold! A cool savoury delicacy perfect for that all-year-round summer in Singapore. Unlike the usual chawanmushi served hot, the chilled gelatinous consistency of the collagen-rich jelly is full of umami. It's juxtaposed with generous amounts of scallops and silky soft egg custard, resulting in a satisfaction like no other. For those who prefer chawanmushi hot, rest assured Sushiro has that option as well.

Candied delights that goes yum yum, in our tum! Another debatable dish in our favoured choices are the Candied Sweet Potatoes ($2.50++). These are slightly dry yet sweetened chunks of sweet potatoes served cold. One might be put off by the scant toughness, but beyond that lies a refined saccharinity we very much enjoyed.

A lovely spread of sushi and genki sushi.

Unagi-aficionados may want to sit this one out, as personally the unagi weren’t up to expectations. We felt it was rather bony, dry and not as well-seasoned. However, don’t let this set you back from trying the other tantalising dishes.

Just a small teaser of what to expect!

Having a sweet tooth meant that we couldn’t just stop at having sushi. The Mango Shaved Ice ($6.50++) was a perfect way to end the night, especially in Singapore's all-day sweltering weather. Not overly decadent, the sago balls and ripe mango slices layered on smooth shaved ice made for a sweet delight. The Chocolate Cake ($2.50++) was decent. It's not desiccant and rather satisfactory.

For just $3.30++, you'll get access to their free-flow soda machine and coffee machine! With a large selection of sodas to gulp your thirst ranging from Coca-cola to A&W's root beer, it's hard to resist a soda-frenzy while on a sushi-binge!

Their coffee doesn't come with sugar, so that's good news for those of you who intend to go sugar-free. If you don't take black coffee, Sushiro offers specialty coffee syrups for an added dose of flavour: rose, french vanilla and toffee nut.

Those cute fluffy Sushiro character merchandise are to die for!

While not the most affordable kaiten-sushi around, Sushiro’s value-for-quality is a contender for sure. With all we’ve had (and not as well), overall we felt that the experience was a hit. If kaiten-sushi is your thing, Sushiro is worth a visit.

Each visit to Sushiro will net you a stamp, and collecting these stamps will enable you to redeem exclusive merchandise of their kawaii mascots. All the more reason to frequent Sushiro now!

Sushiro Tiong Bahru Plaza 302 Tiong Bahru Road #02-118, Singapore 168732 Seating Capacity: 162

Opening Hours

Daily: 11am - 10pm (last order 9:30pm)

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