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Sushi Tei, Tropicana City Mall

Photo by Melvin Gan | Sushi Tei facade at Tropicana City Mall

Recently, we were invited to a menu-tasting and launch at Sushi Tei in Tropicana City Mall! They let us try their new Healthy Vegetarian menu and Pokebowls!

Photo by Samad | The new menu spread!

Sushi Tei is an international brand founded in 2009. They're a popular choice for fresh and quality 2-in-1 belt and ala carte dining, and at a competitive price too! They boast about their vision which is "a good deal of sushi", this meaning that you can get the freshest sushi and ingredients for affordable prices but with the highest of quality. They are now introducing an even healthier, fresher and more nutritional option for your fit lifestyle, which includes vegetarian sushi and pokebowls.

These new dishes are now permanently part of the Sushi Tei menu and you can find them at all the outlets in Klang Valley, Penang and Perak.

Photo by Samad | Manager and Chef at Sushi Tei posing with the food

The partners and hosts during the event explained why this new menu is extra special! They let us know that each pokebowl were designed to have ingredients that gave texture, colour and richness in flavour and nutrition. It's more than just fish and vegetables, it's carefully tailored selection of elements into each bowl of deliciousness!

For example, they include black beans because it's high on magnesium, as well as for its fibre and antioxidants, radish and carrots in Japanese rice vinegar for it's benefits for our digestion, nuts for Omega 3 and 6, Japanese cucumber for it's great hydration abilities ... the list goes on! This menu also celebrates the use of Akita Japanese brown rice which is a type of brown rice that is highly fibrous, perfect for healthy digestion. "Extra healthy" as they say! If you observe their menu, they'll also provide the number of calories for each dish, which makes it easier for you lot who are watching your diet.

Photo by Samad | Salmon Poke Bowl (RM21.80)

Photo by Samad | Chicken Teri Bowl (RM18.80)

Photo by Samad | Maguro Poke Bowl (RM23.80)

Following the trend of the community who are celebrating a healthier and more active lifestyle, Sushi Tei wants to provide the option of a lighter, less heavy meal for lunch and/or dinner. Especially for those who are working, a lighter lunch would help combat those afternoon slumps of wanting to nap during work hours.

They also want to include fresh and ingredients that would provide energy to their customers. The host also mentions that a lot of the time, vegetarian food is disguised has fake meats, but not in Sushi Tei! 95% of the ingredients used are rich in fibre, minerals and nutrients, and are in its original form and have no additional additives, preservative and other stuff that make you feel bloated like fried flour.

Photo by Melvin Gan | Okura Natto To Yamaimo (RM6.80)

Photo by Melvin Gan | Namako Yasai Udon/Soba/Ramen (RM21.80)

Photo by Samad | Imo Croquette (RM9.80), Edamame Croquette (RM8.80) and Pumpkin Croquette (RM9.80)

Photo by Samad | Inari Yasai Roll (RM13.80)

Photo by Samad | These Avocado Yasai Roll (RM13.80) were my favourite out of the lot! So yum!

Photo by Samad | The spread!

Photo by Samad | The host was demonstrating how huge the tuna head was compared to hers!

After that lovely feast, we went over to the Live Tuna Cutting demonstration. Sushi Tei imported a tuna fish weighing 5kgs! It's the first time I've ever witnessed such a massive fish being cut up into sashimi! This bad boy was professionally butchered by Japanese Sushi Chefs into tuna sashimi pieces that were then laid out onto the 20-foot Sushi Tei Yee Sang! They invited the general public and customers of Tropicana City Mall over to do a lou sang all together, y'know, for added prosperity and luck! Yay!

Photo by Samad | Fresh tuna to be tried with soy sauce!

Photo by Samad | Laying out the tuna on the 20-foot Sushi Tei Yee Sang!

Photo by Samad | Sushi Tei invited the public to lou sang!

If you love sushi and want to add a vegetarian option to your healthy diet, why not try Sushi Tei's new menu? It's pretty good I must say, and I'd definitely come back for those pokebowls!

Sushi Tei, Tropicana City Mall


3, Jalan SS 20/27,

Damansara Jaya,

47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Opening hours:

EVERYDAY | 10:00am-10:00pm

Telephone number:

+60 37728 9299




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