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Sushi Nights - All You Can Eat Sushi, Yen Oriental, Glasgow

Photo from Yen Oriental official Facebook page | The outside of the restaurant!

Are you in love with sushi but don't want to break the bank? Maybe you don't have too much in the wallet to be splurging but want to still eat out with friends and enjoy some fresh Japanese sushi? Well, y'all are in luck! Yen Oriental over in West End hosts monthly Sushi Nights offering you All You Can Eat Sushi and only for £12.95 per person!

Let me explain the rules of the unlimited sushi night for you. Basically, you'll receive a sheet of paper which shows you what sushi they offer for the night. The sushi that they offer are pretty much the simple ones you can get at most sushi restaurants, which would include nigiri of salmon, tuna, king prawn and tamago, maki of salmon, tuna, pickled radish and crabsticks, California roll, spicy chicken roll, futomaki roll, salmon sashimi and tuna sashimi.

For every round of orders, you are allowed to order only 4 items from this menu. The 4 items will be served according to the quantity of people who are at the table. So take for example, since there were 2 of us at the table, if I ordered salmon nigiri, 4 of the salmon nigiri will be made and served to us. Simple right? I think do that to try to control the orders so that there isn't much wastage of food or staleness of sushi, which I think is a fair system!

Photo by Samad | Round 1

So we managed 3 rounds of sushi. For the first round we had salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, salmon sashimi and crabstick maki. All were freshly made so nothing to complain there.

Photo by Samad | Round 2

For the second round, we ordered more tuna nigiri, salmon maki, spicy chicken roll and also tuna sashimi. Honestly, if I had a choice, I would eat fresh tuna sashimi all day every day. It's so yummy and meaty! I love it.

Photo by Samad | Round 3 part 1

Photo by Samad | Round 3 part 2

And for the last round, we ordered king prawn nigiri, California rolls, tuna sashimi and futomaki rolls. So my only comment about the rolls are that the rice was not sticky enough. The rolls kept breaking apart! But generally speaking, I thought the sushi was all pretty alright. I mean, the quality was not outstanding but pretty decent nonetheless, and you have to remember that you're paying only £12.95 for unlimited sushi so seriously, it's huge value for money, especially if you're on a tight budget but still want to satisfy your sushi craving. I'd recommend heading over with some friends to have a good time over drinks and enjoy this unlimited sushi party. The service was ok, a tad slow but the manager explained that they were slightly slower that night due to service staff just returning from Chinese New Year holidays so that's completely fine. I don't doubt their speed judging from my observations of how the floor staff are always zipping from one end to another.

The place itself is quite big, however, definitely book in advance because when we were there, it was packed full of people. We had to book our dinner for 9pm because there were no other times before it. So look out for more of Yen Oriental's Sushi Nights! They regularly post up about it on their Facebook so RSVP and eat some sushi y'all!

Yen Oriental Restaurant

28 Tunnel St, Glasgow G3 8HL

Tel: 0141 375 1111 Sushi Nights Opening Hours:

The last Friday and Saturday of every month 7:30-9pm sitting or 9-10:30pm sitting

Website: Facebook:

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