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Supply & Demand @ Orchard Gateway

With a name that is mostly used as a term in microeconomics, Supply & Demand (S&D) is hardly unforgettable for its ambiance and menu. Cooking up a storm by using global ingredients and inspiration, the results of fusion feast were undeniably delightful to say at least.

Not only is the character of Supply & Demand, Orchardgateway’s interior snug and comfortable, busy weekend nights provide for live acoustic performances, the hustling crowd and bustling chatter enhances the liveliness of the restaurant.

Here is a schedule of the line-up of live acoustics for reference. ​

Starting off the evening right, we dove right into some of their Signature Coolers ($8+), namely the Tropical Thunder, Gunner and Coconut & Lychee Cooler. Revivifying for a scorching day, Coconut & Lychee Cooler brings down the heat with cooling lemon-infused coconut water and lychee, with coconut bits for that extra crunch and texture. The Tropical Thunder is a fruit punch of peach and pineapple juice, and clearly as its name suggests, delivers a tropical citrusy twist for that flavour.

On its game, Gunner, a Hong Kong inspired mocktail, has bitter lemon, ginger ale and a touch of angostura bitters, which is reminiscent of a slightly bland Dr Peppers soda, would be a choice palette cleanser if you choose to indulge in the variety of “Cichetti”, or Venetian for snacks and appetizers that Supply & Demand proffers.

As an opener for the taste-fest, we were presented with a selection of handmade bread toasts and rolls ($6+). It usually lays the foundation for the starters, but we skipped it for the more substantial courses ahead. We kicked the feast off with their highly endorsed Garlic Truffle Fries ($17+) and Beef Tagliata ($22+) off the classic dinner menu.

The Garlic Truffle Fries is a “carb-carnival” of chunky-cut fries laced with truffle oil to bring out that sinful aroma. It is a lament that the wedges were too thick in our opinion, for which truffle oil would usually be easily retained and highlighted with a smaller cut, for example, shoestring fries would be almost perfect. The baked garlic accompanied with the side however, made for spectacularly aromatic goodness, especially if you’re a garlic enthusiast!

A masterful play of using sesame shoyu dressing in the Beef Tagliata made us clamour for more! The slightly seared beef brought out its latent flavourful juices, save for some bite, and an interesting pair with pear, pine nuts and rucola leaves gave an astounding interpretation of textures and taste. Nutty and exquisite would be less than what we would describe, in our humble impression.

Trailing behind the two exceptional “Cichetti” that we had is the Asian Inspired Salmon Poké ($16+) from the “S&D Goes Asian” section. Based on their partake of Asian flavours around the world, the union of different cultures is inherent in this dish, particularly Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and Hawaiian in nature. As a chef’s choice, it wasn’t hard to see why. The raw salmon chunks were dutifully coated with generous amounts of spicy bonito sauce and mayonnaise, it is tossed a la salsa-styled in a bed of diced avocado, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Finally topped off with fried shallots, it creates a delish bite when layered on the toasted garlic flat chips. We certainly left nothing on the board when we were done! The locale surprise in it was the nominal chili padi that gave that scrumptious kick and it was decreed hands down one of the best takes on poké we’ve had so far. Please take note that there are limited portions and it is based on availability!

Seemingly impressed with what we had so far, S&D presented two mains to end the night: Maiale Orientalle pasta (Tasting portion: $15+, Full portion: $20+) and La Mattina Dopo / The Morning After pizza (Regular 9”: $21+, Large 13”: $25+). Another fusion dish that assimilates Italian and Oriental culture by using spices found frequently in local cuisines, the Maiale Orientalle pasta brings to mind of our local Bak Chor Mee, but with a slight al dente Italian twist. The minced garlic, oil and the in-house chili sauce, presents a samball-istic (pun intended) condiment that lingers long after on the back of the tongue, so do take notice. If you’d prefer to share or try different pastas that S&D has to offer, you could take the tasting portion, which is a smaller version to sample.

The La Mattina Dopo or The Morning After as it is affectionately known, is one of S&D’s signature pizzas. A crisp base layered with tomato sauce, mozzarella, bacon and mushrooms, the outstanding feature of it is the runny sunny-up egg set in the centre. Breaking up the yolk is a visual satisfaction, and the taste is yet another transcendence. Personally, for someone that does not take a huge liking to cheese in general, the pizza was surprisingly not too overfilling. Great for sharing parties, it is known as a fan favourite, and certainly will be one of ours for our next visit to S&D! For that, we had a heavily gratifying and indulgent dinner at S&D and will continue to be one of my usual haunts for that occasional get-together with friends and music. If you haven’t visited Supply & Demand yet, I’d recommend this on a weekday night out for decent and quieter dine-in in town.

Supply & Demand, Orchard Gateway 277 Orchard Road, #02-13/14 Singapore 238858 Telephone: 6702 6218

Opening Hours: Weekdays: 12pm - 3pm; 6pm - 10.30pm Saturdays and Sundays: 12pm - 10.30pm (Last orders are 1 hour before closing)

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