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Superstar Libra Songkran Cruise by Star Cruises Malaysia

If you haven't heard, cruising is the new in thing for millennials. It's The Ship paved the way for partying on board cruise ships. And recently, we had one hell of an epic adventure on the Superstar Libra, Star Cruises for their SONGKRAN cruise! That's right... We partied into the sunset as we sailed away from the International Port of Penang and into the night.

The Superstar Libra cruises from Penang to Phuket, then Krabi, then back to Penang on a 4D3N round trip.

We were booked into a double room (of which we spent little time in because we were too busy partying on the top deck!).

It's always best to get a room with a window so you get to enjoy the sunrise, sunsets and gorgeous sea views. And if you're claustrophobic, it's good to have some natural sunlight coming in throughout the day.

The Superstar Libra may be one of the smaller cruise ships that the Star Cruises owns, but don't be fooled by its size. You could call it a "fun-sized" vessel that's really more about the fun than anything else. Because guess what? Once you're on board and it sets sail, you're on international waters. And that means, you can let loose in the casinos or shop duty free!

This upper deck is where we spent most of our time. This ship has a total of 10 decks and lifts take you all the way up to Deck 9, which has stairways leading up to Deck 10.

The outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs are located on Deck 9 and that is where we had our Songkran sunset sail off party. You can rent water guns for free (meaning you just borrow them for the party and return them afterwards) and start the fun with everyone else in their swimwear! You can also easily get beer and other drinks during the party.

There's even a gym on board if you're a gym bunny! We went to the gym twice while onboard, to burn off all the calories we put on here. Cruise ships are totally designed to make you put on weight because meals are served to you up to four times a day buffet style - breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper!

If you're looking to blow off some steam, you can even hit some golf balls in the netted area below.

Or if you're a fan of bigger balls, then head on to the basketball court to get in a game or two with other guests.

There's nothing quite like cruising, especially with a loved one. There is plenty to do onboard and the best part is when you're out at sea, you're forced to disconnect from the digital world because connection can be spotty. There is wifi onboard and you can buy wifi packages but the best way to enjoy a holiday is to not be connected and be able to enjoy each other's company.

For more information on Star Cruises Malaysia, visit their website here.

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