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  • Nicholas Yong

Suk's Thai Kitchen, Tessensohn Road

Opening a new restaurant during this “new normal” is especially challenging, but Suk’s Thai Kitchen is going against the grain. Recently opened, this new restaurant serves authentic Thai dishes cooked up by namesake Suk, a relative of the owner. With fond memories of my last Thailand trip, I was eager to savour the Thai food served here.

We ordered two drinks to share. The first, Butterfly Pea with Pink Milk ($3.90 regular; $6.50 jug) was utterly sweet but does makes for a good Instagram shot, while I much preferred the Ice Lemon Tea with Lychee Milk ($3.90 regular; $6.50 jug) which I was told was popular among Suk’s patrons.

For the first appetiser, we had the Handmade Prawn Cakes ($10). This would have been even better with a side of sweet chilli sauce, though it does go well with the Thai Chilli sauce mix that comes with the fish later.

Plus points to Suk’s for cutting off the wing tips of their Thai Fried Chicken Wings ($10). The chicken is fragrant, and the garlic bits are a plus. Addictive.

My second-favourite dish at Suk’s is this Grilled Pork Salad ($14), which comes with a plenty of thinly sliced pork shoulder topped with spicy dressing. It’s really not too spicy and has a hint of sourness, but the coriander helps to balance the dish out.

If there’s a dish here that really says “home-cooked” it’s this Fish Maw Soup ($14). Simmered with old ginger, garlic, and coriander root, this generous helping of silky smooth soup is my bae’s preferred dish that we had here at Suk’s.

There’s just the right amount of spicy kick in this Red Tom Yum Soup with Prawns ($12). Even thinking about it now makes my mouth water. Probably one of the better tom yum soups I’ve had in a while. It’s not too watery too. Just look at the size of these huge prawns.

Green Curry Chicken ($12) is a Suk original recipe dish. I have to say it’s a tad bit oily, but on the plus side there’s chicken pieces aplenty here – unlike the usual chicken portions you get in other Thai restaurants’ green curry chicken.

This Fried Sea Bass with Suk’s Thai Chilli ($28) should be your top pick when you come to Suk’s Thai Kitchen. The chefs have cut up the fish into bite size pieces, making it easy for your dinner group to share. Most importantly though, it’s filled with savoury flavours thanks to the Thai Chilli Sauce, pineapples and loads of capsicum (save the prawn cakes for this dish!)

There’s a lot of ingredients in this Suk’s Northern Thai Laksa ($10), which uses thin vermicelli – something that’s uncommon in Thai dishes here in Singapore, but can be found in Vietnam. That’s because it’s an original Chiang Rai recipe, located north of Thailand bordering Vietnam. The noodles pack some heat, and it’s a pretty large bowl. I recommend bringing someone along to share this bowl together.

As for desserts, we tried two of Suk’s popular selections. If this Ice Longan with Aiyu Jelly ($6) looks familiar, it’s really a twist to a popular Taiwanese dessert. This Thai-wanese special has a sweet-sour taste.

The other dessert, and the ideal bowl to cool down some of the spicy dishes above is this Red Ruby ($6). This is glorious icy goodness hidden under plentiful red ruby. It didn't taste diluted even after it watered down a little.

It’s not too difficult to find Suk’s Thai Kitchen. Head over to Farrer Park MRT Station, then come out from Exit B. You should see the restaurant just across the road.

Suk's Thai Kitchen

136 Tessensohn Rd,

Singapore 217699

Opening Hours: Weekdays 11 AM to 3 PM, 5 PM to 10:30 PM; Weekends 11 AM to 10:30 PM



Tel: 9669 9445

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