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Stinky tofu hotpot for one & other Asian flavours at all-new FuFu Pot in Dhoby Ghaut

Gone are the days when we could gather in boisterous groups and share our meals with friends. These days, restricted to much-diminished group sizes, communal hotpot is a thing of the past.

But if like me, you crave hotpot regularly, you’ll be glad to hear that Fufu Pot has opened in Plaza Singapura this October 2021. A selection of slurp-worthy broths fills their menu, hailing from different regions in Asia.

Cheerful pink neon letters guide us into a warm and inviting dining space. For now, the tables are mostly two-seaters—you know where to go for your next date night.

To whet our appetites, we started with some side dishes. The Grilled Tteobokki Skewers ($4.80) were simple yet tasty. Chewy in the middle with a thin crispy outer layer, this bite-sized rice cake snack came with just the right amount of gochujang sauce.

For something a little meatier, get the Lollipop Chicken with Thai Sweet Chilli ($6.80) or the Crispy Prawn Twisters ($5.80). Each dish comes with three pieces, so you can share it with your dining companion or keep it all for yourself.

Now, on to the hotpot sets. These are split into two categories: Slurp Heroes, and Bubbly Classics.

Bubbly Classics include our tried-and-tested favourites, such as Tomato ($12.90), Mushroom ($9.90), Collagen ($23.90) and Sichuan Mala ($14.90). While these are mostly soup bases that you can find at other hotpot establishments as well, there are two main differences here at FuFu Pot.

First, of course, is that the broths are all served in individual portions. Makes things a lot easier when it comes to dining out while safety distancing measures are in place. The second difference is that each hotpot set comes with pre-selected ingredients. Yes, no need to waste time thinking about what to pick. Each set comes with ingredients that go well with the broths.

Slurp Heroes feature the broths that I was here for: Stinky Tofu ($24.90), Korean Army ($16.90), White Curry ($19.90), and Tonkotsu Miso ($18.90). My dining companion and I chose the first two, and I immediately dug into the Stinky Tofu broth once it arrived.

Luckily, the staff warned us that this is the spiciest of the lot. A tongue-tingling scoop of soup later, my verdict is that the Stinky Tofu broth actually isn’t as pungent as you might think. It came with beef shabu, generous portions of seafood, a few chunks of the aforementioned stinky tofu, and plenty of vegetables and mushrooms.

The other broth we tried was the Korean Army stew, which came with the usual ingredients you’d expect. Luncheon meat, kimchi, Korean rice cakes---the works. I found that this actually wasn’t spicy enough for me, though I appreciated the sour notes from the kimchi, which helped to cut through the rich broth.

Round off the meal with Golden Custard Lava Bun ($6.80). This was the perfect combination of crispy fried mantou and liu sha bao (salted egg custard buns). I would’ve liked it if the custard was more liquid though.

And so, it’s out with communal hotpot and multiple ladles, and in with one-set hotpot. Let there be one spoon to rule them all!

FuFu Pot (福福)

68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, #06-07, Singapore 238839

Open 11am – 10pm daily

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