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Sticky Wings, Westgate

Who doesn't love themselves some fried chicken? Well, west-siders rejoice as you can easily head to Sticky Wings in Westgate to satisfy those golden crispy cravings.

Sticky Wings offers so many variations that I was spoiled for choice. You also get to choose from three different flavours, Sticky Kecup Manis, Spicy Flamin’ or just plain Naked, or even mix and match them to your heart's desire.

And new to their menu is their Wings and Drumstick Lemak Sets ($7.90). Since I love my food with a good spice, I naturally went for the Spicy Flamin’ option.

I was pleasantly surprised at the level of spiciness. It wasn’t the mouth numbing kind of spicy but those who can’t really take handle their spice might want to stick to the other two options. The rice was also surprisingly fluffy and fragrant and is honestly a pretty legit Nasi Lemak option.

And if you’re looking for a carb free version, Sticky Wings has a variation of wings and drums sets. I got their Knockout ($8.50) which comes with 6 two-jointed wings for a little variety and two of each flavour. The sweet and savoury Sticky Kechup Manis was a great unique option, but sometimes you can’t beat a great simple crispy fried chicken wing, which thankfully wasn’t overly greasy.

Now, here’s something you don’t see everyday. Sticky Wings’ Cluckin’ Good ($7.90) burger uses doughnuts as buns! Their lemongrass chicken is great if you’re looking for something not fried, but I do wish the doughnut buns were a little sweeter to give it that really sweet and savoury mix that I love.

And complete your experience with some fries. There might be an over-abundance of salted-egg products but Tat’s Egg-citing! ($5.90) was super addictive and the pico de gallo garnished on top added a nice tangy balance to the salted egg and cheese. Or you can try the We Meat Again ($6.50) -- fries topped with beef rendang, which gave an Asian twist to the classic chili fries. Definitely no crispy rendang here!

Sticky Wings offers some legit good crispy chicken options and their lemak sets can definitely stand toe to toe with some nasi lemak stalls out there. If you’re looking for some fried chicken and don’t want the usual KFC, you should check Sticky Wings out if you’re ever around Westgate.

Sticky Wings

Westgate Mall

3 Gateway Dr


Singapore 608532

Opening Hours:

Daily: 8am to 10pm

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