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Stay at home with CP Foods

I'm sure during this season of staying home we all have one question we ask ourselves everyday - what's there to eat? After a while, the constant meal planning daily, whether it's ordering delivery or takeaway to support a local F&B business near your area or cooking up a storm, can get a little boring.

With that, CP Foods is providing you ready to eat meals that comes in frozen packets. Not only do they implements stringent quality control measures throughout its value chain, they are dedicated to providing high quality, nutritious, hygienic and safe products to their consumers.

We recently got some products delivered straight to our doorstep that came in a CP freezer bag to maintain its freshness. Whilst staying at home, you can always choose to plate your food and make it presentable! Here's what we cooked up in our kitchen.

The first main dish we cooked up was Gourmet Teriyaki Chicken and Rice with carrot and celery vegetables to complement the dish. It was very easy to prepare - just reheat by popping it into the microwave for 4 mins on high in the actual container provided with. This is a perfect dish for a quick lunch.

We all love a good pasta dish! This is perfect even for your kids at home - Gourmet Spaghetti with Chicken Sauce (a traditional bolognese). The pasta was a little on the sweet side but nonetheless still tasty and the noodles came buttered as well. Pop this in the microwave on high heat for 4 mins and its ready to go.

In CP's Gourmet section they also have Glass Noodles with Baked Shrimps with no MSG or preservatives added. This is served with mushrooms and a few veggies. The taste of black pepper was very prominent and a little spicy but it would also go well with a side of chilli sauce or sambal in your fridge.

Now moving on to the fried foods section which comes in a whole bag. The Japanese Crispy Gyoza came in a 350g bag and was filled with Japanese chicken gyoza stuffed in a crispy nugget style. This can be pan fried with a little oil or pop them into your air fryer if you have one. I simply placed them in my mini toaster oven on high heat 200 degrees for 15 mins. This taste slightly similar to nuggets, but a more refined gourmet version. Dip it in the sauce of your preference.

With McDonald's closed for now, why not create your own fillet-o-fish with CP's fish patty! When I took my first bite into it, I was rather surprised by how fresh it tasted. This comes in a bag of 6 patties, made from real fish fillet.

Another snack you could whip up quite easily is the Japanese Golden Crispy battered fried chicken that comes in a 350gram bag. The meat is succulent and extremely juicy. And again here, I popped this into the oven for 15 - 20 mins on 200 degrees celcius and cook till crispy brown. Have it with some kewpie mayo or chilli sauce on the side!

The Shrimp Pattie is made from farm raised shrimp and fish and comes in a pack of 6. This is something you would commonly see on the menu in Thai eateries and I could definitely taste the prawns. It was also surprisingly not very oily. My favourite sauce would complement this would be a Thai sweet chilli sauce.

Lastly for the fried foods section is the Chicken Dippers 350 grams - chicken sticks with a golden brown crispy coating. Another easy snack to whip up between break times and perfect for the kids!

Lastly is the popular Chicken Gyoza which comes in a 400gram pack. Now instead of having Gyoza's prepared the traditional way, I mixed it up a little adding a bit of spice. Here's how I did it: -

1. Heat the pan with oil, directly place the dumplings on the pan. Flick in a bit of water and cover with a lid for 5 - 6 mins.

2. For the sauce - slice up spring onions and mix it in with 1 teaspoon of light soy sauce and a chilli oil of your preference with a pinch of sugar and a dash of vinegar. In this case I used my chilli oil that had peanuts in them as well.

3. Take out the dumplings from the pan and toss them together with the sauce mix and it's ready to be eaten.

CP foods is extremely accessible in Singapore. You can find them at 7-11, NTUC Fair Price, Cheers and on their website. All their foods are all Halal Certified and there is a 15% storewide discount available on

There is a wide variety of other products available, so all u have to do is just click on the website and add to cart. Happy shopping!

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