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Stateland Asian-fusion Café, Bali Lane

As Singapore is one of the world’s biggest food hubs, it’s not hard to find cuisines from all over the world in this little island. What is more intriguing is the crossing of elements from different cuisine into one. I have had the opportunity to explore Stateland Asian-fusion Café just along Bali Lane, and I’d love to share what’s available if you are looking for something that’s not your typical cuisine.

We started with the Kimchi Carbonara ($20). I love both Korean and Italian food, and boy was I excited to try this one! You start off biting into the usual creamy taste of a carbonara with the egg yolk but what really gave this dish a kick was the tangy kimchi that comes with turkey bacon.

I liked the Mentaiko Aglio Olio ($20) with its sweet mentaiko sauce and spicy pasta. The fish roe added some texture to the pasta and the slab of salmon on top was juicy and cooked just right.

Senkaku Beef Donburi ($22) – I loved the smoky and juicy beef that came on top of the rice. My only qualm was that there could be a bit more sauce into it as the beef was a little dry. Do note that it does come with a strong taste of cumin.

Last but not least was their Signature Hainanese Chicken Rice Risotto ($22) which is an interesting take to Singapore's most loved dish.

To be honest, this threw me off at first glance as the risotto was served with some broth that made it quite "wet", which I thought was a little odd. But once I took my first bite into this dish, i found it interestingly palatable.

The portion was really generous and I would only suggest that you come with an empty stomach to try this. Again, being an Asian-fusion restaurant you’d definitely expect this to have some level of spiciness to it.

If you still have some space for dessert, do try out Stateland's Horlicks Dinosaur softserve with Mochi ($15), which is also one of their more Instagram-able desserts.

Do give Stateland Asian-fusion Café a visit, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary to try. I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

Stateland Asian-fusion Café

30 Bali Lane

Singapore 189866

Tel: 9296 4997

Opens Daily, except Tuesday

12PM – 10PM

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