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Spice World Hot Pot, Clarke Quay

Despite the scorching weather here in Singapore, you’ll always find lots of people eating hot pot. Most of the big hot pot chains in Singapore even have a constant queue! That is no exception for Spice World Hot Pot in Clarke Quay.

And as part of its first anniversary in Singapore, Spice World will be introducing eight new menu items and a fun dessert hot pot.

Let’s start with the broths here at Spice World. We had their signature spicy butter mala soup, that comes in a shape of a teddy bear. But turn on the flame and teddy starts melt, giving you a rich and spicy broth to cook your meat in.

Alongside the spicy mala broth, we got the Matcha milk tea. Yes, you read that right. The only thing I felt was missing in this side of the pot was some large chewy pearls. Instead, there were popping pearls inside.

Before we started to boil the pot, we were instructed to sip the warm milk tea straight from the pot with the straws provided. The server here at Spice World will also scoop out a bowl of the matcha milk tea, along with the creamy toppings for us to try before boiling it and cooking out meat in it. Yes, you are expected to cook your meat in the sweet matcha milk tea.

I did initially find that a little weird, but it was a sweet surprise, literally, as the matcha milk tea didn’t change the flavour of the meat cooked and was oddly satisfying. If matcha isn't your thing, you can opt for the chocolatey Assam Milk Tea.

The ying yang mala and bubble milk tea hot pot combination goes for $39.90.

Before I go on to the meat, I would like to mention that the dishes here are rather theatrical. So, make sure you get your phones ready to snap them as they are served (and careful not to drop it in soup)!

Oh, and don't forget to grab your sauces!

And as for the meat, we first tried the Tender Milk Beef ($15.90), which I thought went really well cooked in the matcha milk tea. The sirloin slices were marinated in milk and playfully presented on a plate embellished with a guardian Minotaur, complete with dry ice blowing out of its nostrils. After cooking the beef, I found that it was really tender and had a soft creamy taste to it, which was probably enhanced by cooking it in the matcha milk tea.

Next, a Barbie doll arrived at our table. But she was dressed in meat (think Lady Gaga style). The Premium Barbie Australian Wagyu Beef Slices ($38.90) was my favourite compared to all the other dishes. It was amazingly tender and had a good amount of fat that just melts in your mouth. Be careful not to overcook this meat!

I preferred this cooked in the spicy mala broth. For optimum yums, dip the meat in the boiling broth about 3-4 times and voila! I was even told a funny story that several people have left behind the last piece of meat that covers the doll’s chest, maybe in an attempt to let the doll keep SOMETHING on.

The same customer habits were seen with The Mermaid ($18.90), where Red Tilapia slices are delicately arranged around a doll to form the shape of a mermaid.

Some of the other new dishes include the sustainably sourced US scallops ($19.90) marinated in 16 herbs and spices or Australian hairy abalone ($12.90 per piece); both exquisite pairings with hot pot.

A bacon enoki wrap has also been added to the menu.

After we were done with everything, we were served a large bento with sweet and savoury toppings to be cooked in the matcha green tea. It includes toppings such as taro, purple sweet potatoes, pumpkin, yam, coconut and fruit jellies, mala bakwa and tender milk beef.

Up your hot pot game and try something different here at Spice World Hot Pot. Don't forget to make your reservations!

Spice World Hot Pot

3B River Valley Road,

Clarke Quay,


Singapore 179021

Tel: +65 6265 9777

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 10:30am to 4am Friday and Saturday 10:30am to 6am Open on public holidays.

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